Second Wyze cam pan dead. Same issue.

I’ve had the second wyzecam Pan die on me. Exactly the same way the first one did.

It starts with the camera turning all by itself and resetting itself. Then it will die.

What happens is, the camera will rotate until eventually the internal cable leading from the USB port to the motherboard will break.

I’ve attached pictures.

Did yours die the same way?

Same issue here. No response yet from Wyze. It appears you opened the camera from the bottom. I may need to do likewise. What kind of tool dis you use? Thanks!

You only need a philips head screwdriver.

<p style=“text-align: left;”>They responded to me. We are working through the warranty process.</p>

That’s a partial help, but I don’t see a philips screw. There’s 2 black dots on and near the bottom. Which one is covering up the screw head?

There are 2 screws on the BACK of the camera. One under a small rubber plug and the other under the sticker. I assume for warranty purposes.

Thanks for this - my hunch is that my Cam Pan died the exact same way. Would explain the symptoms I was seeing. Intermittent power connection, failure to power up after unplugged and replugging – possibly caused by minor jostling of the nearly severed connection, or by the startup rotation. Then after the most recent time spent powered on, during which the camera was randomly resetting to a position I never chose (possibly after a power-cycle due to broken cable) - it never powered up again.

Im returning for refund to Amazon, so I can’t open it up to verify without also breaking my warranty. I would totally open it up and resolder / repair if I was out of warranty, tho.

I have the same problem. This piece of junk died just after 1 year the warranty expired. I’m so disappointed with Wyze. I suspect they alreeady knew about this problem but chose to ignore it. What do I do now Wyze guys? BTW, I have also purchased several Wyze Cams and never had problems

  • John in Los Angeles

I just experienced the same issue. My Wyze Pan Cam is over 2 years old and it has been acting strangely for while but never totally died until today, Well past the warranty so I opened it up and found the same situation. The 4 wire power cord inside wound up like one those rubber band powered balsa wood planes I used to play with as a kid.

I was able to get the plug off and un twist the wires (none were broken yet). I reinforced the wires going into the plug with electrical tape, plugged it back in and it powers on again and works.

I dont know how long it will last, but I’m glad I found this thread as at least I have it working again.