Two out of three Cam Pan dead on arrival?

Hello, I just bought 3x Wyze Cam Pan.

One is working perfectly. The two others doesn’t power up. No LED lighting up.

I have of course swapped power and power cable.

I suspect the 2x non-working cams are drawing too much poser as I’m getting an usb over current error message when attempting to power it with the USB port of my laptop.


Any hint?




Are you only trying to power by the laptop? Confirm they are not working when powered by the included power adapter. If not, you can try the Troubleshooting section from the Support link at the top of this page. But you’ll probably need to file a support ticket with Wyze.

No I initially used the included power adapters. Using the USB Laptop port have confirmed the over current.

Meanwhile, I have check with a metrix, and I have almost a shortcut between Pin #1 and #4 of the USB type A connector (the large one that you connect to the power adapter).

In other words it means that the 2x units are DOA… As I don’t live in the US, it’s going to be a pain. :frowning:

I’m having the same problem. Plugged my wyze cam pan in to multiple outlets. No power/flashing lights. Tried powering it with a different power block. No luck.

May be there is a batch of faulty units?

@Wyze team, interested to get the serial numbers?


I have a similar situation, I received my unit earlier this month. Plugged it in and yellow light did not come on at all - even after 30 minutes of leaving it plugged in. My serial number is WYZEC1 - JZ|00002/00512488.

I ordered the WYZE CAM v2 from Amazon.


For a potential return, you’ll need to file a support ticket. (That’s not handled here on the forum.)

Hi all, I wanted to share here my good experience with Wyze support:

After I opened a support ticket and explained the situation, the guys have sent straights two new units!

It’s also I portant to share when good things happen ?

Nice, thanks for sharing!