Directional Control Pad

I have a Cam Pan 2. When I touch the control pad (Home page and Pan Setting) the camera goes 360 degrees. When I drag from the live picture it works, but after about 15 seconds, goes back to the original screen shot. Any help would be appreciated.

If you have a detection zone set up, the camera will revert back to that saved point/angle after 15 seconds. If you turn off the detection zone, the camera will stay wherever you point it, or wherever it ends up if you have motion tracking on.

Thank you towelking. Would you know how to get the pad to pan incrementally? Whenever I touch it once, it pans to the end.

I’m not having that issue. When I use the directional pad, it just moves a little at a time.

I’m not too familiar with the pan settings as it’s not something I utilize for my purposes.

Thanks for your help. My problem stopped when I turned off auto rotate. Doesn’t make sense, but it worked.