Suggestion: auto-full screen when phone in landscape

I have a suggestion for the iOS app:

In the notification / alert video playback screen, if I rotate my phone 90* to landscape mode, I would like to see that video go into full screen mode without having to tap the full screen button on the video. Rotating back to portrait orientation would, of course, put the video back into the smaller default view.

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I second that suggestion.

In fact, it should be taken a step further. The app should be fully functional in landscape view. I use the app frequently on my iPad which is locked in landscape in docking station. I have to remove it and turn it sideways (or crank my head to the side) to use the app.

I would like to see this too. I rarely use iPad in portrait mode.

oh yes, for some reason i always expect that to happen on its own

count my vote! Great idea.

To add to that, when using an iPad the screen is squeezed to fit the iPad ratio… how about the ability to see at native ratio (I’m sure it would have black bars, but its still more useful than a squeezed image)

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This was on my list of recommendations too, it would be a great add.

Yes please!