iOS App 1.2.32 (3) Evaluation

I am running beta 1.2.32 on an iPad Pro 10.5 inch on iOS 11.2.2. Here’s my evaluation:

*** Install of firmware on one camera went smoothly

*** Recording and Pause/Playback in playback works correctly. NICE!!!

*** Format SD card worked properly

*** Turning off timestamp worked properly. It should be noted that the timestamp is hard-coded into the video, so you also lose time indication (other than on the timeline) during playback.

*** I did not test multi-device alerts or bluetooth speaker

*** Auto Rotation PROBLEMS: Auto rotation for the video is nice and worked okay when starting out with iPad in portrait orientation. However, auto rotation really, really needs to be functional for every part of the app, not just during video viewing. And, there is one MAJOR problem I discovered…

If you start out with the iPad in landscape (twisting you head to read the sideways screen), then you hit the icon to put the video in full screen, it turns UPSIDE DOWN. I have my iPad in a charging stand (as I think many people do). Picking it up to put it in portrait orientation is very inconvenient. I should be able to work with the app without picking up the iPad. Presumably, full orientation support throughout the app will eventually solve this. But in the mean time, the video should not turn upside down when switching manually to full screen in landscape orientation.

*** The Camera Settings have been split up into three separate sections (Alerts, Advanced and Device Info). This is great. It makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for instead of having to scroll down a long flat page of settings.