Playback date issue since firmware update

Just updated my camera and now when I go to view playback and hit the left arrow it skips to August 10th. Anyone else have this issue and is there anything I can do to fix this on my end?

I would take the SD card out and see if you can playback the newer footage on a computer and if so then I would reinsert the card and reformat it to the camera so it can have a fresh start.

Sorry I should have specified. I can manually scroll to an event from today and view it fine, it’s just if I use the left arrow it jumps to August 10th.

Ive not heard of this being an issue thats widespread. thanks for the heads up through. I will keep my eyes peeled.

the only thing I can think that might cause an error like this is with the sd card. what card are you using?

Do you have the SD card set for event recording or continuous recording

It’s funny, I can go back from now until 2:20pm and there are 11 events and the left arrow works fine. As soon as I hit that 2:20pm mark and try to skip back it goes all the way to August 10. I can view any events from today before 2:20pm just fine but I need to manually scroll to them instead of using the arrow.

I have it set to record events and it’s a 32GB Samsung evo. I think it may be a bug in the update I did, I had no issues like this before that update.

Hi, @Larch. Can you please specify which firmware version and camera model you’re talking about? Latest is subjective. :slight_smile:

V2 cam firmware

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