Playback issues?

Anyone having issues with V2 playback from the SD card? I have a regulation card and it was working and now it’s not. It’s recording but I cannot play the footage back to the iPhone. I have done a factory reset as well as flashed the firmware. No dice on either attempt works. Any other workarounds? Thanks!

Have you tried playback/write to the card on the PC? it happen to me last week and it was a corrupted card, could’t even format it became read only

flacousa62, thanks for the reply.

Yes, I confirmed that the card is indeed recording by seeing playback on my computer (MacBook Pro). It just won’t give me any playback on my iPhone. I’m able to successfully reformat the card via the iPhone but cannot view any playback. I’m stumped.

What app version? latest is v1.3.134

When on playback in the app do you see the shaded green area indicating there is video at that time?

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App is latest and greatest. The playback bar is clear. No green shading. I have two cameras. The other one works fine which enables me to compare. I swapped the cards out as well to make sure it wasn’t the hardware.

Having same issues with Android pixel phone, no problems for the last couple of months , now view playback will not work . I have a v1 and v2 camera . I see no shaded green bar in play back mode. Did all of the standard troubleshooting. Date…19 Oct 2018.

On my phone, sometimes the shaded green bar shows up almost instantly. Other times, it will expect you to wait up to 10 sex before the shaded green bar appears.

Yes I see that it says " No video at the selected time"

What does this mean?