1 of 5 v2 cams not able to View Playback

I noticed today that 1 of my 5 v2 cams is not recording to the sd card. I have CPL on all 5 cams. I can get live view, just not view playback. I reformatted the sd card, checked all settings and everything seems ok. Took out the card and put it back in. I got it to record for a short bit then it stopped recording again.

Another thing I just noticed the past couple days is the push notifications keep turning themselves off. The main push notifcation, not the individual one.

Does it say no micro sd card found, or just no video at selected time?

It just says no video at the selected time

Can you check if it says the card is the correct size in advanced settings > micro sd card. What brand/model card is it, and how old is it?

Ya it’s the correct size. All 5 of my cams use this card. It’s been a good 1 to 2 yrs now. I just ordered another and will be here tomorrow. First card to go bad.
scan disk

See if the new one works for you. 1-2 years is good, especially since it’s not a high endurance card.


So I got the new sd card today and it is working great. I really appreciate your help. Getting older sometimes the simplest fix just doesn’t always come to me. I bought an extra one for back up incase another cam goes, lol.


Glad you got it! Please mark my post as solved so others can find the solution easily :slight_smile: thanks!