Not able to view playback on Firmware

So, went to pull up some video on a couple of my cams today (kid’s pet did something I needed to check). I have 4 cams online and a couple offline. When I pulled up the cam and tried to go to view playback it said there was no video for that time. I have it set to continuous recording to the SD, card and double checked the settings did not get changed. Checked another cam and same thing. I then checked to see if there was a firmware update, and found the two cams I had just checked were running current Other two are still running, I checked the two that have not updated and found it was still available. Anyone else seen this or have info on it. I am hesitant to let the other two cams update. For reference both non-working are v2’s, one of the working ones is a v2 and one is a pan cam (v1).

This is interesting, I haven’t heard many complaints about this on this firmware, but I will have to keep an eye on it.

Can you try turning continuous recording off and back on, and see if it starts to record again

You might try switching the SD cards and see if the problem stays with the camera or stays with the card.