Update to Firmware

Updated 3 cams V2 today 2 cams no problem. 3rd cam crashed with error code 90. Could not attached to cam after trying many times. Finally took out SD card and firmware updated just fine. Now tried to Format SD card on another PC and would not recognize it.
Ok Now what did update destroy my SD ? Next try to format was on a digital camera that worked finally, great ! Installed in Cam now and works fine…

Anyone have similar issue ?

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I updated all 19 of my cameras last night (17 V2 and two Pans) and they all updated fine and the random sample of them that I checked recordings from the uSD card all worked.

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Yep…had two crash on the update. I will ATTEMPT to be patient, these issues usually correct themselves within 24 hours.

As for my exterior Blink XTs we haven’t been able to access video or live view for a WEEK. When armed, they are recording; we see the light come on. Horrible support, too.

I still like Wyze better.