iPadOS 16 has broken Landscape

Need to report an anomaly in the app that I believe iPadOS 16.x has induced. I didn’t know what other category to put this in, so I chose Beta. I feel that iPadOS is the culprit because the app ( hasn’t been updated in 3 weeks and the following behavior is new. Assume that my iPad is locked and in Landscape orientation. Basically, when I select a camera thumbnail from the main menu, Live video from the cam is immediately displayed full screen. Perfect … until I want to return to the list of cameras, which I cannot. I must close the Wyze app and relaunch to view a different cam. Another new anomaly is that when I select an Event to view, the video plays, but only fills about 2/3 of the screen. Again, this is new behavior. If some other iPad owners who are on iPadOS 16.x could test this, I’d appreciate it. When doing so, make sure you’re in Landscape on your iPad. TIA


No one else?

This has been happening since first beta of iPadOS 16. Wyze doesn’t seem to care about the iPad.

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Seriously? Dear Wyze, would someone there with an iPad running on iPadOS 16+ please look into this? Definitely a bug and it makes the app almost unusable.

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I had not updated my iPad Pro 12.9" to iPadOS 16 yet…

Updating it now to 16.1 now…

I tested your steps above under 15.7 and couldn’t reproduce your issue…

Under 16.1… I’ll get back to you shortly… with my findings.


16.1 Update completed.

Opened Wyze App in Landscape Mode

Tapped on a V3 Cam live view, it immediately went to Landscape (did not do that under iPadOS 15.7)

Tapped view once, Tapped on ‘back button’ in upper left corner

And BOOM, this toggles between the live view (I see clock increasing by 1 second each second) and a still view of what the camera saw today at 17:20:26

Tapping the ‘full screen toggle’ in the upper right does the same thing.

Rotating to Portrait allows me to exit this loop.



Confirmed. With Stage Manager turned off, when viewing a camera or camera group, you cannot get out of landscape without physically rotating the iPad or force quitting the app. However, on the plus side, if you turn on Stage Manager, you now have full “normal” functionality with the iPad in landscape mode. Granted, the home page of the app is still portrait view displayed on the landscape iPad, but at least you’re not reading sideways. Whether getting stuck in landscape camera view is considered a bug or not, I don’t know since we got improved function with SM turned on.

See my post here: Landscape View For Tablets - #914

Also confirmed that the rotate button image in the upper right corner seems to flip you to a static image from a previous time/date. That would definitely be a bug.

I will get this all reported to Wyze.


Just began testing with Stage Manager enabled. Nice that, with my iPad locked in landscape orientation, I’m no longer having to rotate my iPad (or my head) 90° to read the main screen. What’s been your experience with viewing Event videos? After selecting an event (and while it’s playing in the small window), when I then drag the arc in the lower right corner the video event only stretches to about 2/3 of the width of the screen. Is this what you’re seeing as well?

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I drag that arc fully to the bottom right and get a full screen view of the event.


Was finally able to view the event full screen. A little funky the way it works tho. Once the event finishes playing, what are you doing to return to the main screen?

I see that too. However, if I tap the manual rotation icon, I can then stretch to full screen. But if I go back to vertical view from there, there are no controls. I have to tap the manual rotate icon while in full screen. After doing that, when I go back to small view, there is a v icon in the top left corner which takes me back to the event list. Yes, it sure is funky for events.

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My iPad Pro 10.5” MQF22LL/A does not support Stage Manager.

Running iPadOS 16.1

When I open the Wyze app, it starts in Portrait mode like before.

When I select a camera, the view rotates to Landscape mode.

How do I edit the camera settings, view the album, etc. ?

Clicking the left arrow at the top left would normally take me back to the list of Wyze products, but now it just shows a screenshot of a previous event.

Live view that I can’t exit to get back to the list even when the iPad is rotated to portrait mode.

Where do I click to go back? How do I edit the camera name?

As it is now if I want to view a different camera, I have to close the app and reopen it.

This happens with screen rotation locked or unlocked.

Unfortunately, iOS 16 seems to have introduced a bug where the buttons don’t work properly when in landscape. Stage Manager pretty much makes the buttons unnecessary, and improved the display overall. But if your iPad doesn’t support stage manager, that doesn’t help.

For now, you must either force quit the app or physically rotate your iPad to get out of landscape.

This is being reported to Wyze. But I’d encourage everyone who is seeing this issue to submit a support request and include logs. Please post your ticket/log numbers here for me to include in my report.


I drag the ‘arc’ from the lower right corner to about 1/2" in and release to get to the 'almost full screen mode", then I drag the arc again toward the center of the screen to get back to the view that looks like I’m viewing the app on a large iPhone. I can then tap the carrot in the upper left hand corner to return to the events.



Log 770603

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iPad OS Back button not working in Landscape

Like the title says… Lately as I view a stream in landscape on iPadOS, the “Back” button in the top left doesn’t go back to the camera list. Instead it flips the display to a static display - what I think was last used for the thumbnail display…

To get back to the list, I have to re-orientate the iPad to “portrait”…

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I have the same problem.

This issue is being reported to Wyze. Please start a support request and submit a log. Post the support ticket and log numbers here.



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