Landscape App Problems

There is a problem operating the app in landscape mode, which for cameras, should be the preferred mode. I have to change it to portrait mode to go back a screen. This has been going on for quite some time but I figured I’d ask about it.

I guess because the main app page doesn’t have a landscape mode it doesn’t know what to do when trying to go back one screen from the group mode but it is a problem that should be fixed.

Been that way since day 1. Somewhat annoying to me.

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Just looked at the Wyze App this morning, Oct 20, 2021. I have lost the landscape view mode on my Samsung Tablet. I have not seen a new update in a few days, so what’s up with problem ? Please restore the landscape view!

Nothing changed - landscape is working fine.
Make sure you don’t have your tablet set to not rotate (whatever Samsung calls that function).

It rotates fine. When in landscape mode, I can’t get back to the home screen. If I try to get to the home page in landscape mode while viewing a group, it shows the group in portrait mode so the view is sideways and then it jumps back to landscape. I won’t go from group view landscape mode to the home screen.

Rob, my response a short while ago was directed at jharn. The Landscape issue has existed since day 1. jharn’s issue is something that he/she said changed today.

Rotate option works fine and every other App works in landscape and / or portrait ?
Something changed. Un-installed and re-installed Wyze App, same problem with camera views, tries to go to landscape view, then back to portrait view. This is a new problem.

Working fine on my Android phone, Android tablet (a Samsung), and my #$%^&* iPhone.

Maybe there is a misunderstanding of the problem or a misunderstanding of what working fine is.

  • Have a group
  1. Open the app and hold your phone in portrait view (normal straight up and down)
  2. Turn your phone landscape view.
  3. The view does not change to landscape, it stays portrait1. Turn your phone back to portrait.
  4. Open your group of cameras.
  5. You should see your cameras one on above the other.1. Change your camera to landscape
  6. You should see your cameras 2 by 21. While still in landscape view, swipe to go back to the main menu or hit your back navigation to go back a screen (which should be your main Wyze app screen).
  7. You are not taken to the main screen, you are taken to the portrait view of your cameras although you are in landscape because you haven’t turned your phone from landscape.
  8. It jumps back to landscape view rather than taking you to the initial app page.

Rob, what you describe has been that way since day 1. Nothing new. As I said in post 2, an annoyance.
I am curious about your item 6 “swipe to go back to the main menu”. How are you swiping “back”? Swipe just moves to the other cameras in the group (if it’s a large group), or does nothing if a small group. Confirmed on Android and #$%^& iPhone (other than there is no back button on iOS).

On my Android, depending on the home app that I use, I can use gesture navigation or button navigation. Swiping from the edge to the middle will go back to the previous screen. However, if I do this while in landscape, it doesn’t take me to what I would call my previous screen, it would take me to the portrait view of my group. But since I am still actually holding the phone in landscape, it goes right back to landscape. What I usually do, is from the main screen, I turn my phone to landscape and then click on my group so it goes from main screen to landscape group view. The thought is that if it goes back one screen, that would be to the main screen. That is not the case.