5 years problem

Hello Developers,
I am surprised no one reported this so obvious annoying bug/problem for years: The app switches from horizontal to vertical position without any resistance which makes using the app like a hell. It simply switches at 45 degrees while it should NOT switch till you get almost opposite position (like 80 degrees and only then switch). Specifically this is annoying when you are at horizontal and with the zoom. It immediately jumps to small picture and zero zoom. Sometimes i have an impression that software developers are not using Wyze cameras themselves - so slow was the progress with the app and its features. And where are your users? Why users not reporting the bugs more vigorously? Encourage them to send the suggestions for improvements too.

Look like any smartphones are handling this portrait/landscape switching issue. They do not flip back and forth like crazy at any accidental movement.

PLEASE fix it ASAP !!! 5 min job.

Interesting also Wyze does not look at this form,i have not had the issue that your haveing i have 2 Android phones,1 iPhone, 2 tablets no issues at all good luck

Welcome to the forums! What device or devices are you experiencing this issue on? What actual app versions are you experiencing this on? What OS is running on the device that you were using the Wyze app on? Do other apps rotate the same as the Wyze app on your devices? Providing this information will help the community with same or similar devices to troubleshoot to see if this can be recreated.

Have you contacted Support over these possible bugs? Like stated, this forum is a community of fellow users. Although some Wyze employees do participate in the forums, The main and official way for app and device support, as well as bug reporting is through contacting the official support channels. Here is the link that lists multiple ways to contact support.

There is a lengthy existing wish list item requesting a landscape oriented app. Do give it a vote if you want to support it!


I think you just did not pay attention.

I have this issue on ALL phones and tablets (Samsung). Try:

  1. Open App and some camera view.
  2. Tilt your phone/tablet at approximately 45 degrees.
  3. tilt little bit more and image will switch to opposite orientation
  4. tilt little less and it will go back again without any delays or so called “play”.

All this switching go back and forth all the way you tilt a bit in some direction.
This should not work this way. Switching should resist to actions with some delays AND do not switch till your tilt almost reach the opposite of your original orientation while it is switching at 45 degrees plus/minus couple degrees and is doing that without any hesitation

Currently i use Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra and Samsung Tablet S5e.
I have not try Support, I mentioned this issue in the chat though. i supposed that this forum is moderated by the Wyze developers.

I do not know about other Wyze -compatible apps. Do they exist? Specifically, do PC based apps exist (which i miss very much)?

Also i do not see App-devoted topic on the forum. Do i miss something? Wyze app sucks bit time. For example it drains the battery faster than any other app or even game in the world

Yes i see it when you turn you device we use it alot when we have groups of 4 cams once we open the ground in live view and turn your device bingo works great,i remember chatting 2 + years ago with one of the IT guys and it was designed to do just what i said,on 1 camera it blows it up bigger

The rotation seems fine to me and in line with every other app in the world. We in the forum have seen thousands of complaints about the app over the last few years and no one has ever mentioned this as an issue before.

This is standard requirement for all mobile devices but for you it is not only not a bug, it is “fine” :))) Find any mobile phone as dumb as this app which rotates the phone like that

As to the customers - they usually never complain about anything waiting some others will do the job for them.

Have you complained about Wyze App while it was all these years the most primitive app in the world with only now started getting some features? There was no app in the world for example which not offered 2x,4x,8, 16x view speeds while Wyze App missed even this.

There exist more notorious cases. Customers of Windows OS are even more tougher than that. I know the case when they have not complain for some Windows bugs for … 30 years. For example open NotePad editor and highlight the words with the mouse. You will immediately see the bug that Notepad highlights words and includes also commas and spaces :slight_smile:

We sure do look at this forum, I am in here 5 days a week.

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So I am using a Samsung device also. Samsung Galaxy S21. I tested what you say is happening, you are correct the Wyze app rotates as soon as you hit 45 degrees. I then tested some other apps and they did not rotate until they got to about 75 degrees. I will send this up to the developers but cannot guarantee what the outcome will be.

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Turn OFF Auto-Rotate :exploding_head:
On your phone, problem solved


Do you think Wyze is the only app on my phone?

A button push to solve your problem is just too much I guess for a work around?

Carry on :rofl: