Wyze App camera groups go landscape intermittently?

Suddenly (and intermittently) my 5 camera group display goes landscape instead of portrait - and the Android app hasn’t updated.

And I can’t get it to stay one or the other. even if I set the auto-rotate option on my tablet to ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ as default, the camera group apparently randomly goes one way, so I reorient the tablet and it goes the other way.

When it’s in landscape mode I get 4 camera views on the main page and can swipe left for the 5th. It looks like it’s supposed to be doing it but it’s uncontrollable. It will go landscape when the tablet is in portrait orientation and the autorotate is set to ‘portrait’ - then when I reorient the table to landscape the view flips back to the default portrait (phone) mode - even if I set the autorotate to ‘landscape’.

I have been using the Wyze Android app ‘group’ function in the app because TinyCam Pro just decided not to work anymore (I can get it to work on a 7" Galaxy Tab A and a creaky old Nexus 10 but not on anything else).

I use Tinycam Pro wth a Samsung Galaxy S2 (8-inch) tablet. It’s working OK.

Explain what you mean by “TinyCam Pro just decided not to work anymore”*

When I say TinyCam Pro quit working I mean that on two tablets I’m getting 100% dropped frames in the video feed from all five cameras regardless of settings.

  1. It works on two of my tablets - a Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016 - running Android 5.1.1 - quad core 2 Gb - 16 Gb) and a Nexus 10 (dual core 2 Gb - 32 Gb running Android 6.0.1).

  2. I tried installing it on 2 10" tablets:
    a. An Insignia 10" Flex (quad core 1 Gb - 32 Gb running Android 6.0.1). It installs and I set up the cameras but all the cameras show 100% dropped frame rates so I get no video, just black. That’s at all resolutions.
    b. A Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro (octa core 2 Gb - 16 Gb running Android 4.4.2). Same symptoms as the Insignia - It installs and I set up the cameras but all the cameras show 100% dropped frame rates so I get no video, just black. That’s at all resolutions…

Alexy has said that TinyCam Pro has an issue with more than 3 Wyze Cam cameras right now but I’m not sure what issues he’s referring to. On the Samsung Galaxy Tab A and the Nexus 10 I had no issues. On the Insignia and the Samsung Galaxy Pro I get no video at all. The TinyCam Pro app reports that the cameras are there on the check camera tab, but every camera shows 100% dropped frames - so no video.

That it works on the dual core Nexus 10 but not on the octa core Galaxy Tab Pro or the quad core insignia is seems to rule out processor power.

But this is a digression. Why is the Wyze Android app, which is not supposed to show camera groups feeds in landscape mode (as I understand it), intermittently - and without regard to the orientation of the tablet, going into a landscape display mode for my cameras?

Do you have the screen rotation locked or unlocked? Try both cases, I suspect it has to do with it. My iPad also exhibits the same issue.

Yes. As I said:

I fixed TinyCam Pro (at least on the Samsung Galaxy Pro 10 tablet).

I rooted the tablet and flashed it with LineageOS14.1 - which puts Android 7.1.2 on it. Much nicer. TinyCam Pro now shows all 5 Wyze camers.

I still don’t understand why the Android Wyze app is randomly going landscape in the camera group view on the Insignia tablet.

I have a Samsung tablet as well. Thinking of rooting it, too, bye bloatware. Any link on how to do it? I know there are lots but since you have a Samsung, I figure there’s less chance of bricking.

Which tablet?

Samsung Galaxy S2 8-inch

Google it. That’s what I did. I found this tutorial (MODAPK.TV - APK + Mod Download (MODYOLO, APKMODY alternative)).

I used this horrible video (that actually gives a great tutorial, its just his camera work is awful) - Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Upgrade to LineageOS 14.1 Nougat Root Custom Rom (UpDated) - YouTube - for the Tab Pro 10.

Look around for others. Plenty of YouTube videos but most suck.

Once the bootloader is unlocked and it’s rooted you can install a custom recovery (I like TRWP) and then its much easier.

Soo annoying and dissapointing that TinyCam is having this issue. It wasn’t always like this though. I’m running a Galaxy Tab S4 via mobile hotspot. At home, it’s not an issue. But my goal is to have an at-a-glance monitor while at work. Wish the Wyze app could live view all my 6 Wyze Cam’s at once. I’ll link to this thread if I find the right thread at the TinyCam forums (should there be one).