Blue stacks [5] & Wyze app - how do I make it landscape view "properly"

I have multiple camera groups stored in my Wyze app on my android phone - works great there.
When I rotate my phone and view them in landscape, it works fine and shows 4 cameras simultaneously [properly rotated] on my phone. I want do do the same in Blue Stacks/Wyze app.

HOWEVER, When I rotate the Wyze app in Blue Stacks to landscape, it shows the cameras [in that group] still [improperly] oriented for portrait mode but the Wyze app does rotate sideways. So, it shows the Wyze app “sideways” and the cameras do not rotate.
How can I get that to display properly in the Wyze app on Blue Stacks like it does on my phone?

Here’s what it looks like in Blue Stacks:

Thanks Guys! :slight_smile:


Following as I’m seeing the same thing in my Bluestacks. Would be nice to have the 4x screen’s per page.

Welcome @jgraziano!
The article says it’s for version 4, but I believe it may work with version 5 too.
Try it out!

Briepage - thanks for the reply. That does not work. That Blue Stacks button is what I pressed to rotate the app in my image above. The problem is with the Wyze app because the Wyze app will not rotate the camera images within it’s app.

Anyone else got a suggestion?


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Yes. Settings, Display, Display Orientation, Portrait.

This used to be possible with simple hotkeys but Microsoft and the video manufacturers in their collective wisdom removed it.

I understand the Blue Stacks controls, thanks. The actual problem exists within the Wyze app, I think. IT won’t rotate the individual camera images [inside the Wyze app when viewing a “camera group”] when Blue stacks rotates the whole Wyze app.

The way the Wyze app SHOULD work is like it does when you view a “camera group” on your phone. On your phone, if you have 4 cameras in a “group” it shows 4 cameras simultaneously in the portrait mode when you turn your phone sideways. It doesn’t do that in blue stacks (see my original image). That’s the problem, as I see it.

How would I nudge Wyze to fix this?


No. I wasn’t talking about BlueStacks at all. This is a global Windows setting that flips your display.

Perhaps, I missed what you were trying to communicate to me. I apologize if I did.
Where are you referring to with these controls?

I “thought” the link you posted referred to the rotate button in blue Stacks.

Yeah, I’d love to see a solution for this. Of course, we wouldn’t have to rely on BlueStacks if Wyze would develop an app for Windows or one that works via a browser.


I have the same issue with Bluestacks 5. I tried using the ‘Rotation Control’ App, but to no avail.

Yes, this used to work in BlueStacks 4, but quit working a month or two ago.
My experience, like yours, is that it not work in BlueStacks5 either.

I have been using Link to Windows. I have to turn my phone for the window to change orientation,
Unfortunately, any settings have to be changed in the phone itself because it crashes in Windows.
Eventually Windows 11 is supposed to support Android applications too.

This did it for me !!!


Wondering the same thing, won’t go into landscape mode on Bluestacks. Tried the Roatation Control app as well.

I also can not get the Wyze app to rotate to show the camera group landscape. It works on my phone but not in bluestacks. The Bluestacks rotation does work when you are on a single camera, but not in groups. My guess is that the wyze app is using a different “rotations detection method” for that screen of the app. If you notice on your phone, the app never rotates unless its on the group screen or a single camera screen.

My guess is this is a wyze app problem.

of note, I tested this in bluestacks4 and it also does not rotate as it should in the group screen.

Just confirming that this is still a bug with the BS 5 app or Wyze app in 2022.
Has anyone figured out a work around yet?

Also seeing this issue and really hoping for a fix from either BlueStacks or Wyze, whomever’s issue it is. (Noteworthy that other apps seem to rotate just fine, so my suspicion is it is a Wyze app bug.)

Wyze – just an idea here. This problem would be entirely resolved if you provided users with a web portal to view cams instead of ONLY the app. (and no, I don’t mean changing everything to be the local streaming method, etc.) I see no reason why, if you can build an app to view the cams, you can’t provide a web portal to do the same thing. [Yes, I know it is sort of off-topic, but is it really? Most of us are only using BlueStacks because there is no web portal…]

You’ve been away for 6 months. Many prayers were answered (if you have CamPlus on all cameras).

This is all great if I wanted to spend hundreds of dollars a year (which I don’t/can’t) and sign up for the cam plus package. I’m not asking for anything above current functionality… Just trying to understand how this app doesn’t play well with something that the user base clearly uses. But seeing as it doesn’t make you money… I guess we’ll never see it.