Grouping Feature

I’m was looking for a camera name in the feed, like the time stamp. Going to settings and “show camera name” was not obvious.
Is there some documentation where this is all spelled out?
/edit - I mean where all the updates are detailed

Ok thanks…i was at work and too lazy to open the full thread to respond, I will check your answer…Thanks !!


They don’t put beta documentation on the support pages, only publicly released. That’s why the beta forum and FB group exist. I will try again to ask the Wyze devs about having more information available for beta releases in both those places.

I’m speculating you did find the setting, though?

Also regarding forum email notifications, if you go to your forum settings, there’s a setting to show more previous reply info in the email which might help you know more about what’s going on in the thread before replying.


Yes, found the settings.

I’ll note here that past “beta” groups I’ve been involved in required NDA’s and had a lot more info disseminated with the software.

Instead of the group feature i would like it to be different. When you start up the wyzeapp i want the tiles to fill the screen in rows of 3 or 4 and all on live and every tile should have a microphone so you can talk without going to the specific camera what takes time, and for sound 1 tap on a tile and if you want to enlarge an specific cam you do a double tap.



Love the grouping frature but you should bring back the option to select the individual cam via expanding the group. Now we have open the group and start streaming all the cams in the group before selecting one.

Keep up the great work!!

You can vote for that here:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

I am hoping that we can also group the motion sensors and also the Wyze sense door or window sensors. We can currently group our cameras but not the other projects.


Since you are posting under Beta - We can Group
Contact Sensors
Motion Sensors

But not a combination of sensors. Did you want a mix of cameras and sensors in one group?

Thanks. I was hoping to group the motion sensors in a group and the door and window sensors in a group. Right now the only thing it allows me to group are the cameras. When I go to the group option only the cameras show up to be able to group. See screen


What version of the app and what OS?
I don’t get a view like that at all.

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I would like to be able to include sense sensors and cameras in the same group, or at least a group on sensors and a group of cameras together in an overall group like Living Room which has a camera, 1 motion sensor and two contact sensors for example.

Put it in the wishlist, or it may already be there.

It’s actually already in #roadmap.

As a general rule, ALWAYS please search #wishlist and #roadmap before posting in #wishlist. Here’s the link:

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Gemnii, I have app version v2.3.16 and on a Verizon Samsung S8 phone. Thanks

Present Beta version is 2.3.63 on Android.

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I’m slightly confused. Does this mean that a feature is coming in a later update will allow me to share my grouping with another person who has different logon credentials?

I shared my cameras months ago, and was excited to see the grouping feature, but then surprised that my grouping didn’t automatically appear on the second person’s phone who I had already shared all my cameras individually with.

If not, I’ll be happy to submit to Wishlist in hopes it gets added to Roadmap. Thanks!

I don’t know if you can share a whole group, but the person You are sharing your cameras with Can put the Shared cameras in a group On their app

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