New Wyze Device - MaxDrive?

What exactly is the Maxdrive? When will it be released and how much will it cost?


Watch the #news category. I’m sure there’ll be an announcement.


Eyes are peeled😁
This looks exciting. This is a smart move having exchangeable drives.

I hope there is functionality to allow for an external drive also.

Just a thought…

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Thanks. I posted the same article on the Smartthings forum this morning. Should have posted it here too. My bad.

I didn’t check there to see if it had already been posted.

Came here to mention the SmartThings post about this. The one thing I was hoping to get an answer to is:

  • Will this have direct recording or instant (zero latency) backup to the drive?

Otherwise, there is not a huge benefit for those of us who use SD cards with continuous recording. My only concern has always been a stolen or destroyed camera that then doesn’t allow for playback of the incident because it was never recorded. Blink and Wyze both record snippets to the cloud which is better than nothing but often does not allow for enough time to record the full incident. I replaced all my Blink cameras with Wyze when we lost Rboy’s Smartthings integration mainly due to the IFTTT and TinyCam integration. Blink never implemented their central storage drive either and you could never see all of the cameras on one screen. This view from all my devices; phones, Android TV’s and Chrome OS is priceless:

Maxdrive can store way more footage than what a few micro sd cards can.

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True, but that footage is useless if the camera is stolen or destroyed and the MaxDrive doesn’t have direct recording or instant (zero latency) backup. I was hoping that we could get an answer but time will tell. In the interim 7 days of HD storage on my 64g micro sd cards are more than enough storage for my use case. The only reason for me to switch to the MaxDrive would be the stolen/destroyed camera scenario since the Maxdrive could be in a secure location directly recording the event up until the theft or destruction of the camera. I don’t need long term video archiving for my purposes.


This is a good point, because the last few seconds are critical in your scenario. Putting the cameras out of reach is the best protection currently.

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According the CES vlog here:

It will be a backup at first but eventually will have live recording ability. I agree that with any delay of the backup of SD card function, it will not help in the event of camera theft.

Also, another useful aspect of this, I think, will be the ability to use it to transfer video to a computer for further processing without having to remove the SD card or record in real time from playback.


Funny how all these devices can go in and grab files, but we can’t.


Wow you just made a great point.
I think the file system will probably grab the file off of the web interface.

When it will be available? I’m needing it. An SD of 32 GB is not enough. I need to buy a NAS for other things and I can wait for it.

Any Update?

Q2 I think.

Currently it’s slated for late Q1 or Q2.

Will be able to handle up to 12TB drives. Will cost around 69.95 (you’ll obviously need to add your own drive before it will work).

Installs using ethernet,

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Well I’m new to Wyze and I’ve always been a sceptic and I currently have a 4 camera 8ch 5mp UHD 2TB DVR SWANN system that while the cameras are pretty good the only app for remote access is horrible and hasn’t been updated since 3yrs before this system came out I’ll never buy swann again but what I’m trying to get at is I first figured I’d try Wyze and to be honest I’m blown away at what you get for the money from the app features and image quality is amazing my only problem I had was with a few mSD cards not being compatible but I’ve got 3v2 cams and 1pan all with Samsung cards working fine I can’t wait to get the Maxdrive my plan is to keep it in my safe via ethernet or just hide it (should be easy) but will certainly be a welcome addition and will complement my Ring Pro and all my other systems

Overall I’m very pleased with wyze and I tell all my friends and family keep up the great work and thank you for all your products and services and making them affordable


In another post (Can Wyze Cam capture its own theft), I have outlined a setup to view outside activity. I developed this setup after one of my Wyze Cam’s got stolen. This setup would not be necessary if MaxDrive had the ability of recording “real time”, NO LAG. Without that feature, MaxDrive is just another expensive paper weight.

Sorry to hear that @tom123. At least it was only a $20 camera not a $200 camera. Thiefs are going to steal something if they really want to. I guess instead of buying the “MaxDrive” you could have another camera that records in the direction of the other camera. Even if you have video of the theft, would it be enough to positively ID and prosecute someone or just to have more knowledge of the event that happened?

For the cost, the Wyze products are the best tools for better awareness when we are not around to witness events in person.