What you guys think of the Blink Mini?


I think it’s a promising system. If you have 10 or fewer cameras it actually seems to be a, potentially, more secure system than Wyze.

I am going to wait and see what the sync module costs and what, if any, constraints they place on the required hard drive.

It does not appear to be HomeKit compatible either. And I don’t see a Pan and Tilt version yet. Promising however.

I’ve been looking into those. They already have an outdoor camera that has up to a 2 year battery live and an available add on Solar panel which would be great.
At this point I’m just waiting for the Wyze outdoor camera to see how it functions quality and reliability wise, not what Wyze advertises it will do, but how it actually preforms once shipped since lately, new products haven’t always lived up to what they were supposed to do. Like the lock and all the problems people are having. or even the problems people are posting with the new Wyze band.
I saw the FCC release on the Wyze outdoor camera so hopefully it will be soon, but if it’s too much longer or doesn’t preform as advertised, Blink is on my list of potential lines to migrate to over time.

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