Wyze at CES 2019!

We’ll be at CES! Come see us at our booth and we may have something special for you. You can find us at Sands, Halls A-D - 41574. :wink:


Hmmm, very interesting backdrop to your booth there. :wink:

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Oh, is it? We hadn’t noticed… :stuck_out_tongue:

Woohoo! Local storage! :slight_smile:


Saw this on Wyze reddit.
Hope y’all are being careful on the legal stuff.

I don’t have this info but I’ll share this with the team to make sure they’re aware of it. My bet is that they are and this is all sorted but I’d definitely prefer to be safe rather than sorry. :slight_smile:

I kinda like WyzeDrive better anyway. :slight_smile:


Any other CES info to pass along today to those of who can’t experience it ourselves?

I love the fact that you can use your own drive. Looking forward to more details (and pricing)!

Really surprised there isn’t any info, press release or posts about MaxDrive yet. This is what I wanted to do with my iSmart Alarm Spot when I first got it from their Indiegogo campaign back in 2015. Was so disappointed to find out it wasn’t going to be possible.

Now with Wyze, it can be, can’t it? Why spend the money on the signage and booth space, but not release details to outside of the show floor? Hoping to learn more soon.

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Found this on the Wyze Facebook page:

MaxDrive will connect to your Wyze Cam and work with the installed microSD card to save your footage locally.

Q: Do I have to buy Maxdrive for NAS recording or is it software update?
A: I don’t have all the answers yet, but I believe it will be a software update and you can use different drives.

So it doesn’t sound like the MaxDrive is recording a live stream, it sounds more like a file copy from the microSD card in each Wyze Cam. I’m most intrigued by the statement that this will be a software update and possibly work on other drives (backup to my existing NAS?), but that answer didn’t sound confident. That may be a reference to the fact that different drives can be swapped into the enclosure.


Thanks for that info. You’ll forgive my ignorance about how things work here. I’m familiar with the hardware, having owned the very similar Xiaomi camera in the form of a Spot for a few years, but having only owned a Wyze cam for a few weeks, I’m unfamiliar with the Wyze way of dealing with their customers and public,

I’m a regular in the Hubitat community and they have a much more engaged approach with their customers, even if it’s to say “we don’t share our road maps”. But this approach I’m just finding really odd. CES isn’t a cheap event to attend. The press tends to decide the winners and forget the rest at this point in the show. I know this isn’t their first dance, but I’m not so green either. The opportunity to promote and engage is slipping away fast.

Thanks Gwen

I was at CES. However, your message is a day or two late CES closed yesterday.


Exactly Jack, I even searched the CES app for Wyze as an Exhibitor and came up empty?

you’re such a WyzeGuy

Dang, I was there at CES too and I searched for Wyze on the app and found nothing.

Me too. Very dissapointed that I did not know Wyze was there. I was there. I too searched the CES app.


You should follow their social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter because they posted that they were going to be there and always pictures of the booth with the location.

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I was at CES and checked out the booth. They were there with MaxDrive, a different company, and it was their booth they were sharing. They are partnering with Max Drive instead of developing it 100% on their own.

It will support a 3.5 or 2.5" drive and up to a 12TB in size. Also, it will be able to store other files like a local cloud storage device. Expect to see MaxDrive available sometime later this quarter or early Q2 is what they told me.

Also, the outdoor cam is coming soon. No date was given but it’s very close to being ready for production though I was told.


From what I understood, they paired up with the separate company that already had the basic hardware already so they could bring it to market sooner.

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