About how long before RTSP is available as well as the outdoor camera?

I was encouraged by the email Wyze sent out on Dec 31st that included:

“We have a lot to be excited about in 2019. Next year, Wyze will deliver several new products, including a highly requested outdoor camera. We will also deliver on your requests for …RTSP………”

but 2019 is a little vague, can Wyze give us a general idea if the RTSP and the outdoor camera is closer to being weeks away, months away, or nearer to the end of 2019 ?

I’m really looking forward to the RTSP being available, and as far as the outdoor camera I was holding off buying more cameras hoping the outdoor version might not be too far off.

I have 2 indoor cameras, and had thought about buying 2 or more to adapt for outside use, but would prefer to wait for the version made for outdoors to be available.

Thanks !

Everything I have seen so far says that no nothing is imminent and they don’t have a firm date yet. I have been holding out for the outdoor ones as well (and am really hoping for rtsp but don’t want to go rtsp and give up the rest). I am hoping they will be available by mid year.


In case you didn’t see it, Wyze is also developing a stand alone WyzeCam compatible NAS solution:

That may eliminate the need for RTSP for some (and not for others). And just a guess, but it may make RTSP development a lower priority for Wyze.


Thanks for the reply, the thing I am trying to decide on is if to buy a few more of the indoor cameras and use the outdoor kit made for it sold on Amazon to use them outside or just to try to hold off and wait for the outdoor version to be available.

If I buy more indoor cameras now for outside use, then I won’t have any need to buy the outdoor ones when they are available.

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Thanks for the reply, I’ll have to check out the NAS solution, the reason I was looking for the RTSP was I was hoping I could use a 3rd party cam app on my windows phone 8.1 to view the live feed on my windows phone which is my phone I carry around.

I have an old android phone without a sim card that I only can use on WIFI that I use for android apps I need like the Wyze app to set up the Wyze cameras initially.

At home I view the Wyze cameras live feed thru Echo Show and/or our TVs with the Amazon Fire Stick, but I can’t view the Wyze cameras away from home.

When away from home I view my D-Link cameras on my windows phone because D-Link does have an app for Windows phones, I also use a Windows app called iVMS-4500 to view an outdoor POE powered camera.

But I’d love to have a solution to also view my Wyze cameras on my Windows phone even thru a 3rd party app if Wyze don’t feel the need to make their own Windows phone app.

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If the new Wyze NAS solution (MaxDrive?) will allow nearly unlimited central recording I could abandon my TinyCam setup and RTSP would no longer be a requirement for me. I do like TinyCam’s multi-camera view, but hopefully that’s something Wyze could built into their NAS solution since it should have more power and bandwidth.

However, even though that would satisfy my requirements there are still users out there that need integration with third-party software/alternate platforms or want to use the built-in NVR functionality on their NAS. So while I’m happy to see the MaxDrive I hope it doesn’t take away from the RTSP firmware development.

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If you find one let us know. I gave my brother a cam for Christmas, but he also has a Windows phone. His wife is on Android.

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I suspect the incentive to open RTSP would drop into the negative range.

Before I was really aware of Wyze cameras I got a couple D-Link model DCS-936L cameras as I had researched looking for cameras that had apps for Windows phones and the DCS-936L works fine with Windows phones, unfortunately I have yet to figure out how to get the DCS-936L to work with voice command thru Alexa and the Echo Show and Amazon Firestick.

That is what drawn me to the Wyze cameras was both their low price and their ability to work with Alexa and the Echo Show and Amazon Firestick, now if I could just eventually figure out a way to view the Wyze cameras on my Windows phone (if I figure it out I can post how).

I also have a Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I 4MM PoE IP Outdoor Surveillance Camera that has an app called iVMS-4500 that works on Windows phones. I believe both the Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I 4MM and the D-Link model DCS-936L cameras also work with Android.

(I can get the Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I 4MM and the D-Link model DCS-936L cameras on my TV using 3rd party software, I can also get the Hikvision DS-2CD2342WD-I 4MM to show up on my Echo Show using Alexa)

Wyze cameras would be the best all around solution for me IF I can get access to the live feed on our Windows phones.

Don’t know if this is a feasible option that would work for Wyze, but if they made it open source software maybe other tech smart people could work on the RTSP stuff for them.

More bandwidth would be great, I was hoping the RTSP would allow me access to the live feed on a Windows phone thru a 3rd party app. I’m nor super smart with tech stuff, but I can usually figure some solutions out doing a lot of research to teach myself.

It’s possible that the MaxDrive is going to use RTSP for recording. It may be a requirement to enable RTSP before the Maxdrive is available for consumer use. That’s how I would do it if I were Wyzecam.


I just saw a comment from Wyze on their Facebook page saying the MaxDrive is going to act as an automatic backup of the video files stored on the microSD cards in the cameras. So it doesn’t appear that RTSP will be involved.


Thanks, I’ll have to remember to check their Facebook page occasionally, maybe updated info might show up there first.

They have said on RTSP post that when they do implement rtsp it will be a optional update that will not be a part of the main firmware. The new rtsp firmware will lose some features. Wyze would never let people who want the Maxdrive to be bogged down by manual update and configuration.

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Do you think with the new update that the “outdoor” camera will be released soon?

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I’m not any expert but If the RTSP makes it possible for me to access my Wyze cams thru a 3rd party app on a Windows phone I prefer that over losing a few features, as long as I don’t lose the feature of also having access using Alexa on the Echo Show.

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While I hope the outdoor camera comes out soon, I get the impression it might still be a while yet or else they might have been somewhat more specific on a projected possible release time frame, like saying “Spring of 2019” or “Summer of 2019” instead in their email they just said 2019.

I have 2 Wyze cams I use indoors and wanted to have at least 2 outdoor Wyze cams, but since it MIGHT be a while for the outdoor version is ready, I went ahead and ordered one more of their indoor cams for now to adapt for outdoor use to see how well it works since I have read several people say they have used the indoor ones outside successfully, some do a homemade cover, others use a cover they find on Amazon, I’m trying to keep costs down so I’ll see about making a homemade enclosure to protect it from the weather.

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Nobody really knows is the correct answer. They have two great features emerging though; rtsp and MaxDrive. From what I understand, rtsp will be on a separate firmware adjacent to the primary production one and will follow a separate less priority lifecycle.

This brings up an interesting question of how it will sync up all those videos on the cams to the NAS.

Perhaps a proprietary transfer protocol for local backup form cams to NAS? Either way, it’s got me, an rtsp person, excited.


I really just need the ability to ftp wyze images and video to my ftp server. Then it is on par with my other cams. Rtsp would allow me to view all cams at once. That’s a separate ask from me.

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