Outdoor Starter Bundle

Concerning Wyze Cam Outdoor. There is not much detail about the base unit, or heck even the camera itself. What I want to know is will RTPS be included in the firmware?
I have no interest to look at my cameras on my phone. Instead I have many monitors in my home office and I want to be able to see my cameras on one of my monitors 24/7 thus RTSP is very important. Or heck even a Win10 app to install. On the current V2 cam the RTSP feature is, well a joke. So many dropped frames and it gets stuck. Yet when viewing the same camera on my phone its smooth as glass.

RTSP is not enabled in the outdoor. It is a battery powered camera, and not meant for long time streaming.

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I get its battery powered, but it said it was rechargeable, so I just figured I would leave them plugged in.

The Microsoft Windows 10 Your Phone app is in the process of being rolled out to facilitate running Android apps under Windows. I take it to be approximately like using BlueStacks. their initial compatibility might be only with Samsung phones but it looks like they’re going to make it work with most Android phones at some point.

I have used that in the past and it is cool, I just with they would get serious about RTSP. So many people have been asking for it, and now that there is a outdoor cam, they are going to receive even more requests for it. “It just makes sense”

Wonder if there’s plan to support RTSP in the Wyze Outdoor Cam now that the Wyze Solar Panel is coming out.