Outdoor cam: RSTP firmware

hello, I need to install a RTSP firmware to the outdoor camera, so I can send the video stream to my synology video station… where can I download an OUTDOOR Camera Firmware?


And there are no plans to provide one as far as I know.

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I wrote to support and will share the answer I get

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There’s currently no plans to add RTSP firmware to the outdoor camera. This is most likely because of the battery. If RTSP is used, it will cause the camera to constantly stream video witch will run the battery down. This is why you don’t see RTSP on many battery cameras.
An alternative to the outdoor camera would be the wired V3 camera. The camera doesn’t currently support RTSP, but it’s coming soon.


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As others have already correctly replied to your post, here is an official reply to your question about using RTSP on the outdoor cam from a Wyze employee. Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:


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These is a #wishlist request for RTSP for the outdoor cam. If you would like to vote, hop over to this thread and let your voice be heard and join the discussion.

For your vote to count, you must click the VOTE button at the top of the page.


Did you find it?

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Take a look at this topic. There is currently no RTSP firmware for the WCO.
You Kay want to vote for the #wishlist item that has been linked.