Wyze App 2.10.72 Released! - 5/7/20

Good afternoon, forum folks!

We’re releasing app versions 2.10.72 for iOS and Android today! This improves Wyze Lock geofencing and the UI for Wyze Band and Scale, has some bug fixes, and adds support for the Emergency Button.

Learn more in our Release Notes:


When should the update hit iOS App Store? Just checked and it’s not showing any update available.

Edit: never mind, just saw the little disclaimer in the release notes page. :slight_smile:

Would be curious to know what the changes were to the UI for BAND and SCALE.
I just got the update on Android and cant discern any UI differences?

Just updated 10 minutes ago. (iOS)

Updated an hour ago and I see that the step count between the band and the app is now the same. Looks like its fixed and it updates quickly. Bravo :clap:

When you have cams in groups, why the waiting times (2 to 12 secs) before auto- switching from 360P to HD when you click on a cam? Before this and the last updates, the cams showed HD right away without the lowest resolution first.

A big boggue in this update: when your cams are in groups, even if your cam is in HD, when viewing the playback, it is recorded in 360p. Come on Wyze…

I will erase my groups again. Waiting for the next update😡

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I am not seeing those issues? Are you Android?

No, iOS. Two iPhones 6+ and a iPad mini 5.

I have just deleating my 2 groups and my recordings are in HD.

It is not written 360p on playback but if you check the bandwidth, you clearly see that the speed is much lower than HD. In live view, I have around 100-145KBs on HD and when I check the playback, around 45-75KBs with a little pixelated screen

Why creating cams groups? Because the thumbnails are in live viewing.

I have a 1Gbs connection, 200 Mbs at my phones and 350Mbs iPad. 7 Wyze v2 and 3 Wyze Pan. Same problem on all of them.

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I have 3 camera groups and I use continuous recording to SD card. My recordings are definitely not 360p. Below is the metadata from a video I just pulled off a camera. As you can see it’s 1080P. I am also ios, 2 iPhone X’s and an iPad 6 and 7gen.

I just tried what you did. You have recorded a 7 sec clips from a live HD viewing. I have recreating a group and I have the SAME result as you according to the exif. 1920x1080.

The problem is when the video is recorded continually on the SD card in background and you watched the playback, it is not in HD. The bandwith is cut by an half. To see the exact resolution, I will have to remove the card and checked the exif on my computer.

This problem is probably related to when you click a cam in a group, the first 2-12 seconds are in 360P. After this delay, the cams swithes in HD mode. I think that when you exit the cam, it is returning to 360P in the background and recorded in that mode.

Actually I made the clips from SD card footage NOT live view. So those are the true resolutions for recorded SD card footage.

I have just created my groups again and reformatted all my SD cards.

I’m gonna do some tests tomorrow. Thanks for your help.

Good luck! By the way the frame rate of recorded footage is 15 frames per second, while it appears to be higher for the live view. This would equate to a higher data rate as well. But I say appears because I have not analyzed the live view data, at least not all 3 streams.

I have made some test, cannot wait to tomorrow.

The recorded (playback) in the SD card is in 1920x1080 as the live view. BUT when you look at the top left corner, the bitrate is lower than the live view by around 50%. If
I zoom the footage, I clearly see a difference in quality between playback and live viewing.

If my cams are NOT in groups, the bitrate is identical between live and playback footage. If I zoom, the quality is the same.

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Are you talking about viewing the live view of a camera in the group view? If so, yes it’s lower. It’s done to preserve the network bandwidth when you are viewing multiple cameras at once.

If you tap on any screen in the group that will drill down into the individual camera as if it was not in a group. At that point you have the regular HD view for the camera.

No… When I click a cam in a group to see this cam alone,…

If you compare the bitrate between the live view and the playback, it is lower by around 50% between these two modes.

If I remove the same cam from a group and do the same test, the bitrate is identical between the live view and the playback.

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I repeated your tests. Viewed a camera individually as part of a group, then removed the camera from the group. The bit rate in both modes was similar. Now that said my bit rates always vary wildly while watching live view. But in general the longer I view a camera the lower the upper left corner numbers get.

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When that annoying gray will be fixed?? And how about playback skip issue

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