Wyze App 2.10.72 Released! - 5/7/20

1-Repeat the first step and compare the bitrate of the live viewing and the playback … mines are lower by around 40%.

2- Remove that cam from your group and do the same test again. These two bitrates are identical. No loss.

The footage quality in playback when your cams are in groups are in lower

Exemple with a cam in my background: live view HD: max around 115KBs
Playback of the same footage max around 70 KBs. If I zoom a bit, I see some pixelisation in the playback.

Nb: sorry for my english🙂

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After updating the App last night, “Wyze is Running” continues to show and can’t be removed from the task bar.

In ~ 20 minutes I’ve gone from 100% battery to 86% as I haven’t used my phone for anything yet this am.

Galaxy S8 (SM-G950U) - Android 9 March 1st Security patch level.

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Your English is perfectly fine. :relaxed:

I am having trouble duplicating your results however.

Is anyone else seeing this issue? We are both iOS and he sees a very different behavior than I do with viewing a camera that is part of a group vs not part of group?

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Tap wyze is running it will take you to notifications. Turn off show notifications and turn it back on this worked for me I had the same issue

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I am seeing something similar since I installed 2.10.72.
Last night after the update my my phone used about 15% battery just sitting on the night stand on low power mode. Normally it only uses 1 or 2% overnight. Of course I can’t say for sure this has anything to do with WYZE update and downchannelservice. . . whatever that is :thinking:

I was hoping that this would correct my notification issues, related to AOS 8.1, but unfortunately it didn’t.

so, your battery is not draing fast? after turn off show notification?

Turned off show notifications and turned it back on No problem with battery

Many frozen screen and application shut off since the last 2 updates with our 2 iPhones 6+. I don’t have these issues with my iPad mini 5(A12).


What is the annoying gray you are talking about.

I’m seeing new issues with this release as well:

  1. Cam images in groups are displayed in very low resolution, as @gyzmo described. They used to show in HD. This wasn’t an issue with previous releases of the app.

  2. There’s a lot of latency when viewing cams in groups. If you observe the date/time stamp on the lower right-hand corner of the thumbnail when viewing cams in groups, the time freezes up every few seconds, as does the live image being displayed. This wasn’t an issue in the previous release.

I’m running the latest firmware on all my cams. App is installed on an Android phone running Android 10.


I am not seeing that at all. Below is a screenshot of one of my groups (I have 3 groups). No lag, I can clap my hands in the living room and hear it instantly on the spare room cam. The video quality may not be HD but it’s not 360 or pixilated at all.

I am iOS not Android perhaps that’s the difference?

Thanks for the screenshot and test. Perhaps this is isolated to Android devices. Unfortunately, I don’t have an iOS device to test with.

I’m noticing also that there’s lag/latency when opening any of my cams from the group screen. The live stream will lag and then “catch up” to real-time. This definitely never happened with any prior releases of the app.


I don’ have talked about the problem he describes
but it’s happening sometimes. This glitch appeared in the update before.

The issue of the quality of the playback when cams are in groups is not in the thumbnails view.

The issue that bothered me the most when your cams are in group is the delay before viewing your cam in HD. When you click a thumbnail, the view is in 360P with a message « please wait ». After 2-12 secongs the cam auto switch in HD. If I change the view in landscape, the view freeze frequently.

When the cam is not in group, when you click on it, the live view is directly in HD…no waiting time.

All those problems are beginning to happen with the last 2 updates.


That does seem to indicate something in the update has negatively affected your Wyze setup. Not sure what to suggest as I don’t have any Android devices to test. Perhaps others will chime in.

After update V2.10.36 once playing events videos it turns gray didn’t have this issue before update, tapping settings icon screen turns gray too. We had similar issue while back n thez fixed. Now same crap again.

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Thats why I was wondering, I remember it being an issue before but was fixed. I have not had it happen since then

After I updated to version 2.10.72 earlier today I had the problem with battery draining the battery and the battery monitoring indicating Wyze is running the whole time even the Wyze App is not running. The battery drained down 15% in 15 minutes. :astonished:

I chatted with support and finally they had me uninstalled 2.10.72 and re-install 2.8.24 from January 27, 2020. It is the only one available to download on https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360024852172-Release-Notes

I am running Android 8.1 on an older moto g4 plus. I was going to update my wife’s moto g7 power running android 9 but I am going to hold off for next release of the App.

Anyone have issues seeing the new app update on Android? It only shows v 2.10.36 for me.

My Wyze icon goes away after turning off show notifications and turning it back on but when I restart the phone it comes right back again… Sigh.

Yeah it’s just a temporary fix to get the app open in the background banner to go away. If you force close the wyze app and then reopen it then the banner comes back too. It’s nice to be able to clear it out though but I wonder why Fitbit doesn’t have this banner.