App Version 2.12+ Released! - 8/17/0

Hope you had a great weekend, everyone! :slight_smile:

App version 2.12+ is releasing today! Android 2.12.35 and iOS 2.12.50 have bug fixes like changing the iPhone X ratio, fixing a bug that prevented some Wyze Cam Outdoor cameras from reading their microSD cards, and more.

Learn more in our Release Notes:


Is this new ? I got this notification after I updated the app :+1:

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Apparently it didn’t fix the Failed To Upload Event , random issue


Thanks for the update!

This caused my V2 cams to switch to 360P. I’ll change them to HD, which sticks until I relaunch the cam, and it’s back to 360P.


My cams are dropping connections like crazy and throwing error codes since the update, so thanks for that :man_shrugging:t2:

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All my cams will not stay on HD either they all drop back to 360 p


Half of my cameras will stay on HD , other half will not, they keep going back to 360


Had zero effect on the no fragment found errors and restart rules failing. This is only FYI, no response needed. I will never open another support ticket, the last 6 have gotten no reply. Best of luck.

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Same here. :confused:

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Same here. Also says firmware update on one pan cam is 156. Will not show update 160.

How about fixing the full zoom on the app that has been broken since the early July update? I only get half zoom on live and playback, but have full zoom still on the 12 sec clips on the event page.

I wasted a week of my time going back and forth on a a support ticket with “Ian”, only to be told to put it on the “wish list”…yeah, no.

I get exactly the same amount of zoom in live view and the 12 second clips
maybe it has something to do with the OS I run Android

It’s on an IPhone XS. There was an update to the app and both cams (regular cam and 1 pan) early July-ish and they both did it after the updates.

I verified it’s the app by checking an old IPhone 5C I have with an ancient version of the app and lo and behold, full 8X zoom still works.

I’m ready to throw these cams in the garbage…

IPhone 6 Plus with last software update.


That only looks like 4X to me. I’ve had my cams up for almost 2 years, so I know how far it USED to zoom. On the pan you used to be able to double tap and get 4X then do a 2 finger spread to get the full 8X. I don’t get the full 8X anymore after the double click. It ONLY works on the event tab, not live or playback.

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I understand what you mean now. I just tried on events and the 8x works. I didn’t know you could go from 4x to 8x. Either way, the quality in 8x is appalling. That must be why I never dwelled on this function. For me the 4x was the 8x.

I’m out in the country on 5 acres so I did use the full zoom before. Yeah the quality wasn’t the greatest, but at at least I could somewhat make out what was happening on the edge of my property. Now I’m only able to zoom in part way. I more peeved at the utter waste of time “support” was.

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And it’s mentioned as a function again…:thinking: