Wyze App Notification Overhaul

Hello all, myself and a colleague are responsible for the notification overhaul coming in early December. If you missed it, a photo is below.

I want your feedback!

The reason we did this is simply because the amount of text seemed insanely unnecessary and I wanted to put the most important information front and center (WHAT/WHO was being detected). What do you think?


Looks great! :+1:

Need to ensure that the ability to expand notification to view larger thumbnail without navigating to app is maintained:


It will be.


@WyzeMatt, … Bitter Sweet. Here is why.

I really like the new format. So much better as it is viewed, with only the important bits. Y’all could have just done away with the “Check Out The Event Video” text and that would have been a win.

But that isn’t the only way users process incoming Push Notifications.

When I am driving (80% of my daily routine), all incoming Push Notifications are read to me thru my BT Headset as they arrive. Currently, that dialog from the following Push Notification reads “Message from Wyze, Person Detected on Breezeway Cam at 10:21 AM. Check out the event video.”

In the new example above, I suspect it will now read “Message from Person Detected, Breezeway Cam at 10:21 AM”. That doesn’t seem to flow as well. But, until it goes live, there will be no way for me to test.

Next, this creates a lot of work for many users. Users employ 3rd party Apps like MacroDroid, Tasker, BuzzKill, and FilterBox to execute custom scripts that allows Android phones to announce each individual Wyze device with a specific notification tone. I use MacroDroid. I have 26 active cams and therefore 26 notification tones for my cams and then many others for the type of AI or type of device notification. Those scripts are dependant on matching specific text from incoming Push Notifications from specific Apps. I have over 130 Macros running. Most are monitoring incoming Push Notifications. With this change, I now have to edit all of my macro scripts to match the new Push Notification Field Text Format. A lot of work for something that has been working perfectly for some time.

I will assume that this new format is going to be implemented across all Push Notifications for all Devices, not just cams. I use Rule Automation Upload “Smart Alert” notifications to trigger Macros, Sensor Upload Notifications, HMS Notifications, Motion Sensor and Contact Sensor Notifications, just about every notification Wyze devices can produce. This means more macros to edit.

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As an iOS user, the chopping off of the “Check out the Event Video” message is nice. Just wanted to confirm, will the Smoke Alarm notification also be updated in the same way?

Also while you’re touching the code, any chance for Siren activated to become a notification as well? :upside_down_face:


So I could be wrong here, but I’m 90% sure that your Bluetooth read out will remain the same in that it should read out the app as “message from (App Name)” not, “Message from “HEADER”.

Let me know though once it’s out.

This change will only affect camera notifications, no other hardware notifications will be touched.


Yep. Smoke alarm notification will read out the same as any other detection, same with sound detections.


Will talk to the team about siren notification. This makes sense to implement.


Looks good.

Is it safe to assume that if Friendly Faces is Used it will say something like this:

Tony Detected or Tony and Pet Detected

Also, if it does not recognize the person and it sees a face, will it say:

Someone Detected, as it is now, or will it be Person Detected?


Yep. We designed the notifications to be cascading in order of importance

Face > Person > Package, etc

Will still say “someone” is detected as it is now.


I think you’re probably right, the BT probably uses the actual app name not the notification title. However, if the BT does not read the title you won’t know what object was detected.

This could be a problem, though I’m not sure if it’s worth including the object tag twice to fix this. It’s a trade off I guess.

I really like the new format though.

Maybe it could be:
Person detected on Front Porch Cam at 5:46pm.

It’s a little more text, but I can see this being a big issue to BT users like SlabSlayer


I have checked into my BT Notification Reader App. The format being read from the incoming message is “Message from {TITLE}. {OBJECT}” which means that it will announce as “Message from {Person Detected}, {Breezeway Cam at 10:21 AM}” and will not mention Wyze since that is no longer in the {TITLE} field.

However, my Notification Reader App has an Advanced User Interface allowing me to configure that message to any custom order I choose. So, when the new cam messages come in I can modify the announcement to “Message from {PACKAGE}, {TITLE}{OBJECT}” so that it will read “Message from {Wyze}, {Person Detected}{Breezeway Cam at 10:21 AM}”

Unfortunately, because Wyze is choosing to scrap a single standard format for notifications (bad idea), and because my notification reader app settings are on the app\package level, ALL my notifications from Wyze will read in the exact same format.

So, when I get a notification from my vacuum, it will announce "Message from {Wyze}, {Wyze}{Cleaning Completed, Vacuum cleaned X square feet and took Y minutes}.

Every device that isn’t a Cam will announce Wyze twice since the Cam notifications will require the {PACKAGE} to announce Wyze while the other device will announce “Wyze” in both the {PACKAGE} and the {TITLE} field.

This is what happens when you stray from a standard piecemeal. There is no more standard.

And, to compound the problem, this is now going to create issues for Script apps like MacroDroid since they are looking for specific text within specific fields within the message. Since all my Wyze Push Notification Cam Macros in MacroDroid are monitoring for the words “Person”, “Vehicle”, “Pet”, and “Package” Detected within the {OBJECT} field, I will now have to break those out separate from all the other device specific Macros and change the field designators to the {TITLE} field since Wyze has decided to only change the format on some devices.

Reinventing the wheel here.


This is all well and good but can you update us on the progress of turning on/off notifications on a per device basis? This is my number one complaint of the wyze app.

Every device already has a Notification On\Off toggle with the settings for that device. Open the Settings :gear: for each device and go to Notifications.

For Cams, it is the top toggle. Mine are on Cam Plus, So I also have individual AI Smart Detection Events Notification toggles.


I left out an important detail. There is no notification on/off for a shared cam. This has been asked for in other threads since 2018 and is a critical design flaw IMO.


Ah yes. The infamous Shared Cam Settings & Permissions. I totally get it now.

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The one thing I wish that the Wyze notifications has that the Ring doorbell has is a mute button. In the Ring notification, you can force press it on iOS and there is a “mute for 30 min” and “mute for 1 hour” button where you can silence the notifications for a designated time. This is super nice for when my kids are playing outside and I constantly get bombarded with endless notification popups while I’m working. I wish there was a way to temporarily disable these besides shutting them off altogether and hopefully remembering to turn them on again later on.


You can tap the bell icon (mute/unmute) and either choose one of the canned duration options or create a custom duration. After enabling your mute preference, if you want to cancel, just tap the bell icon again.


Yep. There’s a way to do it, but we could make it easier and make it specific to one individual camera as suggested.

I’ll look into this.


This is fantastic! I didn’t realize there was any way to disable notifications for a set time like this. This will be very useful for me to use in the future.

The only thing(s) that could make it better is like what @WyzeMatt said…

  1. Have an easy way to disable notifications for a single/specific set of cameras. I may still want notifications in the front/side of yard, but only want to disable back yard notifications on 1 or 2 cameras.
  2. Have a way to disable that single camera notification for a timed interval directly from the notification rather than opening up the app to do so (just like the ring app)