Wyze Android Push Notifications Changes

Has anyone else noticed a change in their Android Push Notifications? Anyone know why I now have a bright Cyan Wyze notification for one of my cams that is now displaying out of chronological order?

Never had a color notification before and never had one dwell at the top out of order. Not a traffic stopper. Just curious. :face_with_monocle:


Good question. I’m seeing a different type of highlighting under Android 10-12. One of the @Mavens noticed this and may have an answer.

Are you running Android 12?

Is “Side Yard Cam” assigned to HMS?

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Android 11. Not one of my HMS security cams.

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Yea, I have seen this as well. Do me a favor, swipe left to try and delete the notification, I will bet you cannot, but curious. It is almost like it replaces the Silent Notification for Running in the background.

Mine Randomly goes between cameras.


We’ve been seeing this for weeks now. Did anyone figure out what the change is supposed to represent, why the change was made and by whom?

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I have asked but have not found out yet. I will need to follow up with it and see.


Unfortunately I opened the app to disarm my HMS and it cleared all the notifications. Will keep an eye on it and see if that is the case.


I haven’t found any consistency that points to an answer so I gave up trying to figure it out. But I’ll take another look. If we can’t figure this out within a few days, I’ll run it up the chain for a possible answer.


Nor have I. It randomely cycles from camera to camera.

What I have determined, verified by another Maven, is that you cannot swipe to delete it and if you go to the silent Notifications and look for he Wyze is running in the Background, it is missing.

@SlabSlayer , can you check your Silent Notifications and see if you have the Wyze entry or is it your Camera event?


I will let some notifications load up and test it. Right now I don’t have any. When it was there in the screenshot, it was the first in the list of cam event notifications that came in overnight in DND (Wyze allowed to interrupt), I didn’t scroll down to look to see what was in the silent notifications or if the persistent background notification was there, which usually is the last one in the Wyze list.

Will monitor and report back.


It happens to me, but it’s rare. I don’t have the running in the background toggled on, but it still happens. As has been said, when it happens it becomes a locked notification = I cannot swipe it away. To clear it, I have to temporarily disable notifications then re-enable them.
I believe it also happened to me with a sensor notification once.

I believe it just signifies a pinned notification. I used to have it happen without the color difference, I think Google just changed the layout defaults so that now when a notification is made sticky/pinned it highlights it, so now more people will notice it… But we’ve been having random sticky notification problems on and off for months. I’ve brought it up in fix it first Friday a couple of times, it’s just more obvious now.

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Silent Notification for Running in the background

I am on Android 12 and have seen this notification multiple times . I cannot swipe the notification to clear.

Weird, never seen that, but I’m on iOS :rofl:

Watching this thread though, I’m curious.

The running in the background notification is caused by a setting in the app that can be turned off. In Account → App settings, disable Running in the Background.

It has always been a persistent notification that can’t be swiped. But it usually shows up at the bottom of the current notifications list.

It operates under the “Notifications Manager” channel (rather than WyzeMessage channel for the push notifications) in the Android App Notifications settings for Wyze. It can be moved back and forth from the Silent grouping to the Default grouping by long pressing the notification until the settings popover.

It can also be disabled in the Android Notifications settings for Wyze by disabling the Notifications Manager channel even if the Running in the Background setting is still on in the app.


Thank you …

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