Ability to use iOS Voiceover with Wyze app

Okay, at least I’ll have a good option with Ring, though I’d really
prefer Wyze as it has certain features I like. Do you happen to use
Jaws on the computer? If so, how does Jaws work with the camera
function/features on the ring.com? I read that they no longer have the
desktop app. Thank you so much again for all the info. I’m most

Hi Again,

I found the v2 cameras work, but the v3, OG and newer cameras Do not you can not focus on the video area. The events are not the greatest to work with and I am unable to play them. I have tried the blink cameras gen 4 and the blink app is wonderful not clunky like the Wize app and everything is accessible. They do make a floodlight camera too. So I would suggest you look in to blink. Amazon have some good sales on them right now.

I’m not going to get rid of my Wize cameras yet, but I am seriously thinking of dropping Wize cameras and going with blink. I will miss the color night vision, but I can’t see it anyway.

In short if you want accessibility and the ability to work with the app then I’d suggest Blink at this time.

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Thank you for all the feedback. I appreciate it. Do you use Blink Sync
Module 2 to save your clips onto a flash drive? If so, is that Sync
Module 2 access on the app also accessible? Thank you.