Wyze product updates - 02-17-2020


I am an “Alexa person” too but I would need Google integration because I need/want my Android hearing aid app to be on any wristwatch or band I buy.


You have good stuff on the board.
Two things… what is the impact on a standard home router with all these IPs that it has to handle?

The other is that I’m profoundly deaf. Instructions to set equipment up that require us to listen to what it says isn’t working. We need instructions with visual clues. Also, YouTube instructions that you have should never use CC (Closed Captioning) as subtitles in another language. CC is used to show text of the spoken language. Again, it’s for people like us who are deaf.

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Hi Fred,

  1. If you do a bit of searching here on the forum, you will find lots of discussion of routers and their handling of a multitude of IPs relative to Wyze equipment.

  2. I would invite you to make a submission to the #wishlist for Wyze to provide accessibility option for device setup that does not rely on sound. I’m not sure it’s possible with current hardware, but would probably be something Wyze would consider. (Info on #wishlist below.)

2a. Could you provide a link to an example YouTube video with the wrong CC language?

Please read through How to Use the Wishlist and How to Read the Roadmap.


Hello Loki… nice to meet you.

I was involved with a firmware update snafu a couple of weeks ago,
but the girls were able to fix it for me. I believe we had a corrupt
file. The last update attempt reflected a different zip file, and
that worked.

I did take the time to mention that nasty video with a different
language rather than English to one of my WYZE troubleshooters,
and YouTube video was relayed to the person responsible. But,
being a small company such as yourselves with multiple hats, I
thought it wouldn’t hurt to educate a few more people here.

It’s a pain in the neck to be disabled. It’s not so much the
“disability” rather than the limited empathy people have. Most web
sites, for example, have removed their email options in the
contact section limiting the person to FAQ, telephone with
automation, and if lucky, a manned chat. For deaf people, that
manned chat is a blessing. If not, it’s a pure hell to go through
an automated system with a relay system. So, disability is imposed
by others. It other words, like me, you have to lose your sight,
mobility or hearing to appreciate what I said.

This leads me to the device setup. You already have visual aids. The
LED does change at various stages. All you need to do is include it
in your written instructions.

In the last few years, forums have become a pain in the neck.
Things change over time. Solutions found in the forum five years
ago no longer apply. The challenge is to find solutions that are
up to date. And that isn’t easy. So, in regards to router
capabilities, I don’t think the answer will be found in your
forum. IPs limitation experience isn’t restricted to WYZE. As home
automation, streaming and communications take greater hold in the
home lifestyle; home routers have had their mission statement
hijacked. It would require some thought from people in the
industry that have a very invested interest in routers to put
together some white paper for today’s home routers identifying
their limitations. Perhaps you are aware of one?

Thanks for your time.

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First let me clarify that I am not a Wyze employee; I am a volunteer forum moderator.

I do have empathy and therefore (I don’t often do this) have created a #wishlist topic for you. You can hop over and vote for it here:

Be sure to click the VOTE button at the top.

For router info, Wyze has only existed for a couple of years and so any info you find on the forum will be younger than that. Router technology has not changed much in that time. Here’s just one result that I found with a quick search:

And since this question goes way beyond just Wyze products, how about a Google search? Here’s one:

best routers for intenet of things - Google Search

Take a look a the first two links from that search after the ads (from TechTrends and cnet).


I was speaking in generality. None of the comments were directed
to you personally.

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It has been a while since we have had an update. Would it be possible that we could get a revised chart of where products are? Thanks!


Would be great to know the time line for the Thermostat, Battery powered Wyze cam, person detection.


Yes is sure would!!

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I did some digging and found the answer! It’s someday. But definitely not tomorrow. :joy::joy::joy:


I would really appreciate multiple alarms’ function, even up to 24.

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I found another update. It gets hear when it gets here.

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For the new outdoor cam please consider adding the ability to go directly to WiFi without the base station and add the option/ability to access electrical hook ups. Those with adequate coverage (WiFi) and electrical hookups would purchase in a heartbeat.

Every manufacturer of remote wireless cameras is dealing with the same issue. The power budget of current Wifi technology is so much higher than zigbee or other micro-power technologies. Blink has the same ‘hub’ idea for exactly this same reason. Power consumnption is the achilles heel of the wireless “IoT” world.

That said, tons of progress is being made on low power ‘real’ native Wifi, The most promising coming from the School of Engineering at the University of California in San Diego which they discussed in papers at the ISSCC 2020 conference (led by Dinesh Bharadia and based on the same kind of work he did as a student at Stanford).

Maybe we see it in Cam 2022?


Yea I still have issues streaming any of My Cams

Can I ask you a few questions?

Did you perform a wifi signal test near where your camera(s) are placed?

Did you try resetting your router settings to factory? (Maybe you setup some restrictions or changed some filtering settings in there).

Did you update the cameras to the latest firm ware?

Did you try to pair them in place where you mounted them?

What is the distance from the router to the camera(s)?

Any concrete walls separating the router from the camera(s)?

Do you have solid metal beams or lead siding on your house? (So Super Man can’t pick through your walls?) Sorry…That last one was a joke!

Please give it a try. I am IT and that is what I did when I first got my Wyze Cams and had some issues.

Pleas answer these questions and maybe the community can bounce some more ideas and help you.

Smooth Loki, there are many of us that will appreciate that

Loki brought up a point that caused me to wonder. Wyze is a fairly young company and router tech has not changed much since they were established.

But… informal survey here, 219 users questioned, 125 responses. (My neighbors and fellow condo residents).

Vast majority of the respondents were either AT&T Uverse users or Spectrum Cable. Of those the vast majority are using the vendor supplied hardware.

AT&T hardware is mostly either 2009, or 2011 vintage. Spectrum users are much more varied using hardware as old as 2005, to the newest which is 2014 vintage. The majority on older hardware.

I suspect this holds true pretty much nationwide. So while router tech has not changed much since Wyze was founded. Most folks are using outdated tech that was out of date when Wyze started.

We did the survey 3 months ago because Google is twisting the HOA’s arm to compel owners to allow them to prewire every unit with their fiber.

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I suppose they could have run a market analysis to identify the base group and what hardware they are already using, I would be interested to know the age breakdown of Wyze customers… me thinks it’s probably 40 and up