Wyze Cam Monthly Updates — May 2018

Hi everyone!

Here’s our May update to keep everyone posted on the list of things that the Wyze Team is working on.

V1.3 app + firmware. Major functions include:

  1. Device sorting
  2. Motion Detection Zone (need firmware update)
  3. Allow turning sound off in recording
  4. (Android) Switched to Google notification service
  5. IFTTT integration supported in early May. Major functions include:
  6. Different alert events as triggers
  7. Turning on/off motion alert, turning on/off notification, upload video as actions
What is planned for next 1-2 months:
  • Alexa Integration (Yippee!)
  • Rebooting your camera from the app
  • Turning your camera on/off from the app
Have something on your wish list? Leave a comment!

I posted this in another message but since you are asking for ideas I figured it won’t hurt to posted here too.

From my wish list:

I have a couple cameras being shared I want to have the ability to turn on and off the microphone on Live Stream as I can with the recorded files, want to prevent the other person from hearing sounds or voice from my house when they are playing Live Stream from my cameras and vice-versa when I’m watching their cameras

I would really like the ability to schedule the Night Vision mode. In the mornings, there is a series of fairly loud audible clicks while the night vision continually switches from off to on when in ‘Auto’ mode. It’s as if it cannot quite decide if night vision should be off or on based on the amount of light in the room at that time. Easy enough to turn it off or on, but who wants to manually adjust this each time. Setting the night vision to come on at XX:XX and go off at YY:YY would be a great additional feature!


Could you talk more to the Alexa integration? Will this be limited to Amazon devices like the Show, or will it open a generic video stream like RTSP?

I would like to see Apple Homekit integration now that it’s easier to integrate with

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Wish list:

  • The ability to create unique alert schedule for each day of the week, or even just a weekday schedule and a weekend schedule.
  • A global home/away mode that you could quickly toggle on/off to enable/disable alerts for all of your cameras.
  • Option to use the location of your phone to turn on/off alerts.

Wish list- per camera push notifications instead of global. :slight_smile:

What about Google home integration. Don’t be a Google home hater ?

The ability to automatically download videos and archive them.


I would like more flexibility in the Alert Schedule. IOW, let me schedule different times for different days of the week.

I would like the ability to be able to log on and view my cams from my desktop.

Google home

I’d like to be able to use my current wireless router. However it connects at 5 ghz and the cameras only work on 2.4 ghz

Thanks for the update WyzeCam!

  1. Alexa Show and Alexa Spot integrations are at the top of my list (hopefully Google Smart Displays next when those start to role out).
  2. Geofencing in the app to have notifications disabled when at home, although I'd like to see granular control where I can leave alerts on for some cameras (like in the back yard).
  3. Adjustments and maybe formatting of the date/time stamp.
  4. Notification if a camera goes offline.
  5. Web browser access to view cameras from other non-Apple/Android devices.
  6. Alerts list shows actual snapshot of the event that happened
  7. When you click on the notification on your smartphone, it should take you directly to either the recorded video is was notifying you about or at minimum, the WyzeCam notification list in the app. (surprised this isn't already a thing.)
  8. Samsung SmartThings compatibility. Either through the native app or an API that allows the Community Developers to write their own device handler.
For cameras I want to add to my existing BlueIris Security Camera Server, I've replaced the firmware with OpenIPC so I can have a RTSP stream. Would be nice if this was just part of the Wyze configuration, but for those who know how, it's super easy to enable.


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Would love the ability to view the live stream via a webpage.

How about the ability to turn off the IR lights, but leave it in Night Mode so I can attach my camera to my windows? #DearSanta

ONVIF support and direct browser viewing


Ability to send recordings to home NAS/NFS instead of cloud.

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A hook for Apples homekit. I use the homebridge software running on Pi, so really need a homebridge plug-in to tie it all together.

Thanks for an already great product!

I recently posted this on the facebook group: Wyze Cam v2 Ongoing Feedback Group

I currently have five cameras and have been using the app for almost a month. This is my wish list:

1 - It would be nice if the motion sensitivity control could be made available when actual watching the live stream. So that you could see the affect live. Tuning is currently tricky when you have to keep going back and forth between the video and the setting page. This feature would likely need some sort of lock on it so I wouldn’t accidentally change it :slight_smile:

2 - I wish I could enable/disable push notifications on a per device bases.

3 - I wish the playback timeline had forward and back buttons that would skip to the next recorded video. I find it tricky sometimes to position the timeline where I want it. (somebody on facebook told me about the zoom in feature on the timeline after posting this, so that resolved this issue a bit for me, still think it would be helpful feature)

4 - Would be nice if there was a notice if a camera goes offline.

5 - Wish there was a web interface for accessing videos. A PC/MAC app would be nice as well.

6 - It would be nice if there was a mode that would switch between live streams based on alert messages and if you could specify which camera are enabled for this feature. This feature would be handy for keep an eye on pets for instance and switch between feeds as say your dog moves around the house, while you are at work.