Wyze Cam Monthly Updates -- April 2018

Hi everyone!

We’re starting a new topic to keep everyone updated on the list of things that the Wyze Team is working on.

We do hear you! Many of these features we’re working are based on your feedback. You might also wish to note that some of these features can already be tested in Beta:

April 2018

  • Add device reordering functionality
  • Add motion detection zone functionality (need latest firmware)
  • Swipe left/right to switch between alerts
  • Allow turning on/off sound on camera (need latest firmware)
  • Change motion/sound sensitivity from H/M/L to a slider
  • (Android only) Switch to use Google notification service
  • IFTTT integration
  • Alexa integration
This topic will be updated monthly to reflect the latest list of features that the team is working on!


Love the monthly updates idea. Nice list of features by the way! ?

Yes, I agree. Thank you very much.


Can you edit the list and show what Beta versions (Android and iPhone) the feature are available?

I am in the Beta, and have Android app 1.3.107 and firmware (v2 and (v1

I don’t see anything obvious about IFTTT or Alexa in the Android 1.3.107 Beta app. Am I not looking in the correct location?

Edit. I just saw you said “some of these features”. But it would still be useful to know what features are available to people to test in the Beta. I know there are people waiting for these IFTTT and Alexa features, and would probably join the Beta if they knew they were available. But if they aren’t available in the current Beta, you should at least indicate that, so people don’t join the Beta for that feature, and are then disappointed when the feature is not there.

Regarding April beta, nice list. Keep them updates coming.  Will 'Allow turning on/off sound on camera' disable microphone? I live in one of the states where recording anyone requires their consent. Lemme say disabling mic is rather up on the list for me.

The current beta allows for turning off recording of sound from the camera. It does not prevent listening live to sound from the camera.

Feature request - What are the chances you can add a feature allowing users to swipe back from viewing a cameras live feed to the camera list?

I believe right now the only option is to click the “Back” arrow in the top left corner. A quick swipe to get back to your camera list would be very user friendly!

Things I would love to see…

  1. Different Alert schedule for Motion and Sound - On my patio, I don't want alerts to sounds during the day only at night. Motion I want 24 hours a day
  2. Camera list - The images HAVE to update when the app is opened and then periodically while open. It drives me crazy to open the app and see an image from the last time I went into the camera.
  3. View Notifications within each Camera - Don't want to have to exit the camera then go into the Notifications tab.

I agree! Love the features coming soon. Any chance of HomeKit compatibility coming at some point?

Google Assistant (Home/Mini) integration???

Webpage display support.

I have 4 camera’s and like to see them LIVE on one device how can I do that ?

I have multiple cameras. I would like to be able to view them (4, 8, etc…) at the same time on one screen. This will be a big plus for people with multiple cameras.

before you work on all these CUTE little things, could you please fix the most IMPORTANT item - NOTIFICATIONS.!!!

Can you let us know which updates apply to V2 only vs. V1 and V2?

Please add Google home integration !

HomeKit would be nice.

people asking for a lot of fancy stuff on a $20 camera! i just want the darn thing to notify me like it is supposed to - BASIC - RIGHT???




VOTE HERE: https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/multi-cam-live-view/

yes it is android. notification providers???


Keep asking, this must come soon … you can vote here: https://www.wyzecam.com/forums/topic/multi-cam-live-view/