The Future of Wyze is Coming Part 1

Wyze Friends,

We’ve got some huge news!

Wyze has raised $20 million from Norwest Venture Partners.

With these new funds, we’ll be making big investments into the next generation of Wyze smart home products, including an outdoor camera.

In a recent user survey, we discovered just how much you’ve directly contributed to the success of Wyze. Nearly 80% of you have talked about Wyze with a friend, leading to an additional 200,000 users to our community. You’ve also provided feedback which has allowed our products to get better and better. Because of you, Wyze is disrupting the smart home industry and has been fortunate to have many interested investors.

Wyze operates on a unique business model of selling great products at the lowest possible price. Because of this, we’ve been extremely careful and spent nearly a year to find the right partner who also believes being friends with our customers is non-negotiable.

This is why we’re extremely proud to announce we’ve partnered with Norwest Venture Partners. Not only does Norwest share our core values, but they’ve also been critical investment partners for companies like IFTTT, Uber, and Spotify. They bring a magnitude of experience to the table. Together, with you, we’ll build the next generation of accessible and affordable smart home products. It’s going to be an exciting year.

Thank you for making this possible!

Your more-motivated-than-ever friends at Wyze


Well done! Can’t wait to see where this goes!


For the next generation i would like to see smoke & carbin monoxide detector build in the camera! So i don’t have multiple devices everywhere.
Love the cams!!


So now what are some initial objectives to be discussed on the WYZE product line?

It will be great if there is a door ring camera.


Congratulations on this fantastic achievement. I am so glad to see that Wyze now has the cash to move on the the next big step.


Check out the #roadmap category. There you can find products and changes that are under consideration. Read the pinned post at the top to understand how the topics are tagged, then go on and vote for your favorites.


I have had your camera out side for over a year now and it even works in -50^ weather


Great can’t wait for the outdoor cameras


Congrats on the funding! Looking forward to the new products.

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Outstanding. This is what america is based on, perfect example. I can’t wait to see where the future takes your company. I had no idea the struggle that was going. Cheers!!!

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Congrats on the funding. I’m sure everyone there is breathing a sigh of relief. I’m just a small user but love my Wyzecams and want ya’ll to be around for a LONG, LONG time.


I hope your tremendous customer service and omni presence on Community topics forums continues. WYZE is one of the few companies that I truly feel considers their customers first and foremost. In your email, WYZE cited it’s friendship with its customers. Almost made me cry … ok, not really, but I sincerely feel the “love.”

Hopefully Norwest Venture will help continue to strengthen that customer bond.

Congrats on getting the funding for the future.


Congrats on the funding.

Hope Wyze stays “wize” with the funds

Looking forward to some great Smart Home products soon

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A doorbell camera and google assistant/chromecast integration is what i’m most excited about!


I was a little worried about mine, we just had -15 with Realfeel of -35 and my cam sits on a window ledge under a large patio roof. Other than some false alerts for blowing snow… not a single issue. Love Wyze.


Thank You & keep up the great work ! Best cameras to date barr none & I have tested them all.

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That was actually sweet, nice and all other such superlatives. Wyze feels like early Apple. I’ve been proud to recommend Wyze cams, and proud to be a part of this community. THANK YOU SO MUCH for staying true to your ideals in maintaining the customer relationship. It’s quite true that we exit a company in droves as soon as we feel that the company no longer cares at all about us once it starts making huge profits. Stay the course, and we forever will too along with you. Very impressed, and congratulations!