Wyze Sense Available For Purchase!

Hey, friends! Wyze Sense is now available for purchase through the Wyze app and wyze.com! Expansion kits with extra sensors are also available (though heads up, we have limited supply on those right now).

Thanks to everyone who tested the product, purchased through Early Access, and supported us with this launch! We’re so excited to officially launch the next line of Wyze products.


I’m super excited to see these sensors launch. What protocol are the sensors using to communicate with the hub? Zigbee? Z-wave? Is there a possibility of using the sensors with another hub like SmartThings? Or if not, will the Wyze Sense allow third party sensors/integrations and more complex rules? I know IFTTT has been mentioned, but IFTTT is kind of a pain and doesn’t provide the real integration I want (when I go to bed, notify me if any doors are open, If the temperature outside is colder than inside, tell me when if the window is closed/open [summer/winter], etc.) I’d definitely love to buy a bunch of these sensors that this price if I can use them with my existing hub, but I don’t think they’ll be worth it if I my only integration is through IFTTT.

I love mine i am so happy i can buy more now. :wink:

My pre-order still showing pending payment.I just ordered more sensors and motion sensors but I’m worried that there’s something wrong with my pre-order

Please contact our support people through this link. We would like to look into it for you.

Submit a request – Wyze

We’re looking into Alexa and Google integration as well but we aren’t currently looking into other 3rd party integrations. We are using our own protocol for sensor communication instead of Zigbee and Z-wave.

@WyzeGwendolyn will we be able to buy the HUB only?

This is exciting news when I saw it yesterday. I’ll be definitely buying some sensors… when they’re available here in Canada. Any timeline when they’ll be available here?

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Plus 1… In Canada and eagerly awaiting it to be available on Amazon; even if they aren’t warrantied and grossly marked up. It’s still a deal compared to the competitors.

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@Cordel, we don’t have plans to sell the bridge separately at this time.

@Daifeichu and @Eric2, we are working on getting Canadian shipping during the summer! :smiley:


Works great !
I cant wait till there is more options for them like time active like the camera alerts

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You can vote for that Here

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+1 for Canada … well, + 3 as I know few others who would be all over it. :slight_smile:


Oh, we know! :wink:

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I recommend against purchasing the sense. After being impressed by the cam, the sense has totally undermined my confidence in Wyze. Where I’ve previously recommended the cam to friends and family, I will never again.

The product fails to function properly, you can read the forums and this becomes obvious very quickly.

As the cherry on top, it is nearly impossible to get in contact with Wyze support. I have been waiting well over a week for a response. At this point I just want a refund, but that doesn’t even seem like it will happen.

Disappointed in the Wyze team for prematurely releasing a product and not supporting said flawed product.

@WyzeGwendolyn any way that I can get some sort of response?

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Hi, I am sorry to hear you are having difficulties and don’t mean to diminish your concerns; however, as far as the product is concerned I am very pleased with the Sense. I had no problems with setup and notifications are lightening fast. I have a pretty large home and am only using one of the bridges. Sensors are in the front and back of the house and on different floors. At the same time, I have not attempted to contact support so can only empathize.

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I’m sorry about this timing, but I’m about to head out of town shortly. Could you please post your ticket number and I’ll see about getting eyes on it as soon as I can? This should not have been your experience and we apologize. We’d like to make it right.

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I cannot recommend this product! while the cameras are great the contact senors and motion detectors suck! They constantly lose connection and the only way to recover the connect is to move the device closer to the hub. As both the contact and motion sensors only attach by included adhesive pads, you must pull them from the surface and then they will not stay in place after weakening the adhesive. I called support and got no one so I tried email and some guy named Matt replied and stated they do not offer extra adhesive pads and suggested I go out and purchase more on my on.
I am not going to do that so I have asked to return the items but am still waiting for them to provide me with the rma info. Cheap is all I can say! While I will keep my Wyze cams the security addons are simply more trouble than they are worth! Still waiting for my refund!


I’m ticket #218715. Thanks @WyzeGwendolyn

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