Wyze sensors... We are waiting

Wyze has released so many new products in the last year. They have also released a new remote control car today. Why is the company not releasing the sensors. I know wyze only because of the sensors.
I have been waiting to buy those tiny sensors for such a long time. But every few weeks I see new products coming up but the real home automation products, the sensors, are completely ignored.

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New products = new failure modes

they most likely wont be available until HMS is shipping.

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I got a notification today at 3 am EST that the sensors are available. I checked at 9.30 am EST. The site says ‘out of stock’.

ahh, gotta link to the product page?

I got this link:

But it says “Wyze Sense is currently not available. Stay tuned for the next generation of Wyze Sense.”

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odd they would give u a link to the old sensors. I don’t think those are ever coming back.

Wyze used to be a home automation company. But now they are becoming a random electronic product company. This will severely limit their customer growth.

My opinion is informed by experience.

Wyze is not particularly known for highest quality products. It’s known for cheap home automation products. Something that people buy to experiment and then move on to higher quality products later.

So wyze could release sensors into the market otherwise there are plenty of Chinese manufacturers that have same or similar products and wyze customers will easily move there.

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I spoke to Wyze by phone to find out their future plans for Wyze Sense products. This is what I was told:
“Wyze has no future plans to support the old Wyze Sense products. The new Wyze Home Monitoring System is the hardware replacement.”
Yeah, this is terrible news, since it leaves us legacy customers with no replacement options or support. Also, Wyze should remove the page on their website that says customers should “Stay Tuned” for future Wyze Sense products, since apparently there won’t be any. But if they DO have plans for future Wyze Sense products, they should provide an ETA on when they’ll ship on that web page.