Wyze Sense - Early Access Available 3/27/19 (Edit: Wyze Sense is Back!)

To show our gratitude to our most loyal customers, we are starting the Wyze Early Access Program: a launch pad for all our future products and available exclusively inside the Wyze app. With Early Access, you will have the opportunity to get new Wyze products before they’re officially available.

There’s something special waiting there for you now. Check it out!


Curious more than anything else, are these sensors using Zigbee to communicate with the little dongle that attaches to the camera? Gotta say that’s a very clever way to add a gateway if so; and also, like most things I’d personally want to jack around with these things direct since I use Home Assistant for my home automation platform


Is this pre order only for US citizens. Paypal defaults to US only. Show Canada some love?


Congrats to Product Manager @WyzeMike on the Sense rollout. Enjoyed the video!


Thanks @peepeep! Though this was a major team effort! Literally hundreds of people put in hours and hours to make this happen. Launching any product is a joint effort between the Product team, but also sourcing, operations, software devs, cloud devs, product testers, and so many other teams. It takes a village!



Why is the Wyze Sense not pre-orderable/available in Canada (USA only)?

When I got the email that says you wanted to thank all your users, did that only mean the American ones?


Wyze does not (yet) sell anything, even the cameras, outside the US. Amazon has been selling them in Canada, but that is contrary to the direction given to them by Wyze.

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This offer seems that you only value your loyal customers in the US. Your products are awesome and those of us outside of America are feeling far from valued. A loyal customer is a loyal customer, no matter where they are located.


I value you. But I’m not a Wyze employee. I’m a Wyze (US) customer.

The problem is that Wyze has made the decision (for now) not to offer their products outside the US. There are several reasons, but it boils down to wanting to make sure that before offering their products outside the US, they are able to provide full and complete infrastructure and technical support. They aren’t ready for that (yet). You may have noticed that you cannot order any Wyze products directly from Wyze for shipment to Canada.

Hence, they instructed Amazon not to sell the cameras outside the US market. Amazon has ignored that. That has enabled folks such as yourself to purchase the products outside the US. For the most part, they work fine. But this is not officially supported by Wyze.

Once the Sense products are offered on Amazon, I suspect you’ll be able to order them. Until then, you’ll just have to wait.

I hope that makes sense (pun not intended, but hard to avoid).


Oh thanks for that; I guess I get it but even for something so cheap I’m not a fan of lock in, especially when I have an extensive zigbee and zwave network throughout the house already

I will take two if you will open it up to us up here in Canada.

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Looks like there was just the one day for Early Access to Wyze Sense? And it was the 27th? Is that correct? It’s the 28th and I can’t seem to find where to get it. I have the Wyze app, for my cameras - which is what Google Play points to. Thanks much. Great products and love your videos!

I was able to successfully order two via the Wyze App by clicking the shop link on the bottom row. Currently 62% of the kits are sold.

Awesome! Thank you. The key was the “shop” option. Thanks again.

Have the Wyze cam’s temperatures been tested with the Wyze Sense Bridge installed? I notice about half of the cooling vents are on the back and will be covered by the Bridge.

I’ve tried for days now to get anything but a blank screen to show in the shop tab in the app. Posted several times to Wyze on Twitter. No response. Loyal early customer, and beta test software even while working two jobs, eighteen hours a day. Very disappointed. :man_shrugging:

@powerpopster If you are seeing a blank screen, that means that you are not using the right version. Try downloading the latest app version on the Apple App Store of Google Play. Sorry for the trouble, this was posted in Facebook but I realized that this wasn’t shared in the forum. We are behind on social posts so this section would be a good area for you to get response from the community.

I don’t understand. As I stated on Twitter, I’m using V2.2.25, the latest beta test firmware recently installed through Test Flight. I can’t be a beta tester and have early access to a new product? Sounds counterintuitive…

Mark, it looks like that may have been it. I looked in Test Flight and there was a newer version(.35) that I had never received notice. I’ll install that one one and try again. Thanks for the heads up! :+1:

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