Wyze Sense - Early Access Available 3/27/19 (Edit: Wyze Sense is Back!)

Sorry for the trouble, we are constantly trying to figure out ways to communicate but it’s getting harder as we get more customers and push out new products and releases. Glad you got it to work.

And that was it; firmware’s updated and the preorder is in! :hugs::hugs:

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Hi all
What are the benefits of pre-ordering ?
Is it just getting the products a couple days before everyone else?
Just curious :wink:

Hello @jerome, you get access to early access which is explained in this photo.


This is a great addition! Will you also be coming out with a water sensor?

Not anytime soon, we are working on other products at the moment that will launch sooner. Feel free to vote in the roadmap section, would love to see others request for this as well.

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I barely missed the Early Access selling out and it sold out days early. Is there any chance you can open up more inventory or give us an idea when they’ll be available. I desperately want the new products and had been trying to find time to sit down and order them. I’m very frustrated with myself for missing the limit by less than an hour. Had them in my cart and everything :confused:

@BrandonS I missed my chance to early order when it was offered to me but notice that Wyze Sense is “coming back in May”. Can you be a bit more specific as to the day/week? I’m going to be ordering two more V2 cams (in my Cart now) but want to order a Wyze Sense Starter Kit at the same time. Thanks.

This doesn’t exactly answer your question, but there’s a notification sign up here:


My Wyze Sense arrived today. Paired with Wyze OG using one contact sensor and one motion sensor so far. Paired quickly, works as expected. Should come with martini as I’m feeling all Bond-ish. Will use 2nd contact sensor tomorrow.

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That’s good, limit yourself when trying new stimulants! :grin:

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It’s May now, when is the next batch gonna be available~?

Not that I’m impatient, but what :point_up: said…


Received my Sensor Kit in the UK today. Looks great, so easy to setup and works like a dream.

Keep up the good work guys - Can’t wait to see what’s next!

I’d like to know when we can purchase more sensors too. You said in May, and we’re in May so…?

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May 8th according to an email from Wyze that just came in.

Read this thinking, "What email? I didn’t get an… ", then the email notification came in.

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I got the email stating launch on May 8th. does this mean it will be available via amazon/other retailers as well tomorrow?


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i don’t think that it could be available on third parties seller,

When? still says beta closed/learn more… need the buy option.