Wyse sense release date

Has there been an official notification for the release date of the wyze sense?

There was

available now

No, there hasn’t. Product information page still says “Coming May 2019” as of the time this was posted…

Exactly… and not available through the app either.

That link takes you to a page that says it’s bot available yet once you click on the learn more link.

It’s May 8th?
I got an email telling me May 8th.

  1. I clicked on the link n it took me to the initial pre sale page. (Outdated)
  2. I visited the Wzye shop on my app (not there).
  3. I visited Amz shopping (not there either).

Does Anyone have a link or a suggestion as to where, they might be?


They are only here so far:


As of this writing that link gets a 504 error. I suspect the site is getting hammered.

You are correct that we are getting hammered.

Yeah, I even got 504 calling up a support article. Busy, busy!

I got th at same msg 5x’s!

Slowed by popular demand!

Hitting refresh n lots of patience, did the trick.

Lots of glitches in offering the correct # of items!

Oh well !
Mission Acomp-plee !