When does the Wyze Sense officially launch?

In this video, Mike said that the community members will get early access, but when does the Wyze Sense officially launch? Is there a concrete date?

This Community member got the E-Msg!!

But all the Pre-Release / Pre-order slots were gone.

Was that a #DearJohnEmail ??? :hushed::open_mouth::confused:

Order through the app. As of 7:45 this am, the BETA app SHOP feature said only 78% were spoken for. So you should be able to pre-order the WYZE SENSE STARTER KIT.

The APP now says “Ships May 2019”

I guess I better gamble n update my app.

The previous version shows all 3 (Wyse sense, cam n pan).

But only allows me to order cam n pan thru the app?

I hate to have any app n cam problems with the latest update.

Tried to view any posts to see, if all the bugs were cleared up. Regarding the latest Android update released.

I guess I wasn’t clear on my original question, but what I meant was, when does the Wyze Sense get out of beta phase and officially launch to the entire public? Has there been a date announced? I don’t want it in it’s beta phase

May 2019

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Thanks this is the perfect device I thought I didn’t need

Will it be available in May for those of us who missed early access period?

When will individual sensors be available for purchase?

I got an email, a day or two ago, stating a release date of May 8th.?


  1. I clicked on it & it took me too an outdated page.
  2. I clicked the “shop” button on the app. (Nada).
  3. I Also Checked on Amz (dbl nada).

Please advise?

So far they are only available here:


Unfortunately not working


The page request was canceled because it took too long to complete

What can I do?

Site visitors: There was an issue serving your request, please try again in a few minutes.

Site Owners: There was a gateway timeout. You should visit your error log for more information.

Team is working on it. Should be back both on web and mobile app, stay tuned!

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Glad I got my order in early, lol.

Hit refresh n hold on tight!

Cause today,
People came a Knocking!
When the website’s a Rockin!

Lucky me I got mines!
Thx! Wyse !!!

Any ETA on sales on Amazon ?

Team is working on it but no definite timeline yet. We are planning to bundle it with the Wyze Cams


ANY ETA for an official channel to buy in Canada?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a definite timeline yet. We’d have to work on distribution, compliance, onsite support, etc. We will post when we get more clarity. Thanks for checking!

“Team is working on it but no definite timeline yet. We are planning to bundle it with the Wyze Cams”

Whilst I appreciate you want to sell more cameras, those of us who have already purchased the cameras we need, would like to see Sense available on Amz as a un-bundled item too