Beta App: Sense Early Access (Pre-Orders) + anything from 03/07 to 03/24

Wyze Sense Early Access (pre-orders) have just started last night around 10:45pm last night with the exception of very few people who managed to order yesterday (sneaky! :slight_smile: )

To verify that you were able to place your orders successfully:

(1) From the app: Go to Accounts > Order History

(2) From the website: Login > Orders

Check that the status says Pre-Order for Sense and also check that Paypal or your credit card have been charged. Thanks!

If you are using any beta version and have tried to order anything else from the shopping app between March 07 to March 24, those are just test orders. Follow the same steps and make sure the other items are in processing. Thanks!

Fellow Canadians, unfortunately we can’t preorder. :disappointed:

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well that just sucks donkey . . . .

Boo-urns…for not making it available to Canadians!

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I am so excited to be part of the pre-order. The process was simple and a breeze. Opened the app, clicked: shop, paid, and done. Now I just have to figure all the places I want to install the sensors.

@CaptainMark any chance of having this shipped to europe?

No plans as of now. We will announce it when it happens!