Wyze Sense Shipping Today?

So I believe in other posts Ive seen that the start of the shipping of the pre-orders for Sense should start today. Am I correct on this and should be waiting for a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number today?

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I have seen some FB posts about people receiving tracking numbers for their orders. :slight_smile:


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Just as an update nothing besides the updated status of the order to pick/pack. You’d think that it would have been done and ready to ship as the pre-orders came in. But maybe the sense wasnt ready yet. Updates anyone? @WyzeGwendolyn @Frederik

A few minutes mine was at the stage they call completed
Which basically means they created a label.
Your Order 356xxx has shipped on 2019-04-25 via USPS First Class Mail. Tracking ID 940011120…
Checking the number:
Your package is on its way to a USPS facility.

Not mine. It still says pick/pack. Im curious as to why the prep wasnt done before the 24th if thats the date they set for the pre-orders to go out.

Because maybe they have a LOT of them.

Possibly. Depends though. Still early enough prep was there I think.

I received a shipping email with a tracking number today … which probably means a shipping label has been created and will be shipped soon.

We weren’t holding the stock in our warehouse during the pre-order time and it came in recently. We’re working on getting all of the orders out and expect to have all of the pre-orders sent out by the beginning of next week. :slight_smile:


I see. Hope to get mine sent out soon. Thanks.

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You’re welcome!

Just curious how orders are being filled? I was one of those people able to sneak one in on 3/26 and mine still shows processing while I’m seeing other people have received theirs already. I was assuming orders would be filled in the order they were received but that isn’t the case. I don’t mind waiting a bit more, just generally curious about the fulfillment process being used. Thanks in advance and have a nice day!


Thank you for being so prompt and diligent in processing your orders once you got your supplies in. Have a great weekend

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mine still says “processing”

Recieved mine today. It was delivered before the status in wyze account said it was even shipped.

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Tracking numbers be extremely delayed sometimes.

Mine just got shipped and should be here tomorrow. Fast shipping compared to the 4-7 days told about. But hey Im not gonna complain about faster. I was just curious on why the pre-orders werent stockpiled and packaged early. To make it easy for slip printing and shipping before or on the 24th. Just confuses me. I get they didnt put them in the warehouse. But maybe they should have for pre-orders.

Order placed March 28th.

Received WYZE email with tracking number and shipping notification on April 25th.

USPS Seattle tracking reported Seattle post office received shipment on April 26th at 7:09 PM.

Delivery in Midwest home estimated April 29th.

Can’t wait!