Pre order shipped?

I got an email 3 days ago that said my watch that I pre ordered has shipped. I have checked the tracking on it everyday since and the post office tells me they are waiting on the item. whats up with that? Is it just sitting on the dock? If your gonna tell me it shipped…then SHIP IT!

Welcome To The Community, @imwatchinyou! Once the product is shipped, Wyze can not control how fast it gets to you. I would contact the shipping company.

There’s a whole other thread regarding the watches pre orders.

@Illumination which shipping company should people be contacting? Eachbit Trade LLC is the only name I can come up with and I haven’t found a way to contact them. Wyze is the company selling the product but apparently aren’t shipping it. Wyze needs to figure out why their shipping partners are creating shipping labels for products but not shipping the products out. Why should the consumer be responsible for contacting Wyze’s shipping department? Now if USPS lost it then I would contact the carrier, USPS, and start a claim.

There are numerous cases that show often Wyze and other shippers print a label, call your order shipped, then it may take days to be physically transferred to the company (in this case the post office).
But if you know the tracking number you should expect it to get in the USPS hands within 3 days. Then you can start to be concerned.
I recently had a V3 that got to the post office and spent from February 12th through 26th bouncing around Seattle.

When Wyze give you the tracking number link, contact the company that the tracking link belongs too.

I’ve ordered 10 products from Wyze and this is the first time I’ve had this happen. I received my shipped email on 3/15 and as of today its still not been transferred to the post office. Five days seems like enough time to get it in the mail.

What good would contacting USPS do considering they haven’t received the item. The issue is a lot of people received emails saying their item was shipped and provided a tracking number but no item is on hand. Anyone can create a label with tracking info but until that label is affixed to the package and given to USPS they really have no control over it. Should I ask USPS to please go and package it up and apply the label someone made a week ago?

exactly, I think that point was missed…Wyze will send a shipping notice when the label is printed, but that means nothing until USPS receives it.

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That’s what I was getting at. In my prior 9 transactions with Wyze when I received the shipped email with tracking number my product was actually in the mail within 48hrs of that email. With the watch I’m going on 5 days after the email and as far as I can tell neither the shipper, Eachbit Trade LLC, or carrier, USPS, have physical possession of the watch. Which leads me to believe Wyze supplied the shipper with a list of customers and they started making labels on the assumption the product would follow. That apparently isn’t the case.

I think even though it says shipped they aren’t actually shipping until Mar 22 according to this email from Kenny from Wyze.

Wyze Watch

  • Select Wyze Watch 47 orders are planned to ship by 3/22 - a little early!
    👉 The first few preorders are now shipping. These will continue to roll out through the weekend.

no, I just received mine 2 days ago

Same here. Got the product shipped email on 3/15 with USPS tracking number, but it does not look like USPS has physical possession of the product as of today. I believe just a shipping label was created on 3/15 in anticipation of actual shipping at some later date (we don’t know exactly what that date will be).

Appearantly I got very lucky this purchase

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WOW!!! 2 days!!