Wyze watch shipping update

Hi Wyze,
My watch order was placed on Dec 1st 2020. When will I expect to get it?

You should be receiving a weekly email with updates on all pre-ordered products, including the watch. But the most recent updates are early April. (There was an issue discovered in early units that needed to be fixed.)


Weekly? Not even close. I think I’ve received 2 or 3 but nothing recently.

I have not received any news since Nov ???

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According to the latest pre-order email I received a couple of days, Watches should start shipping early April.

Yes, weekly:

Maybe check your spam filters?

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Looks like I’ve missed the last several. it’s weird that they just stopped. I’ll have to check spam next week.

My last notice regarding the watch was the day I order it back at the start of December. Order number and payment processed emails. The only emails from Jimmy at Wyze have been Cam Plus ads. Spam filter isn’t the problem.


I’ve received zero updates on watch shipment status. Someone needs to fix the communication tool.

I haven’t received any updates either, but do see the watch as a pending order. I am excited to see how the watch performs.

Same here, other than an order confirmation, I have not received a single communication regarding the watch. Nothing in the spam folder either.

I placed my order back on 2 Dec 2020… and was told it would ship the first week of February 2021.

 The first week of Feb came and went....nothing.  I had to email support to ask where my order was. 

As seems to be normal with Wyze, it was over A WEEK before I got a reply, saying that my watch order would be delayed until April. ???

Anybody wanna take bets that once April gets here..... I'll not have a watch, and will have to email support again to find out what's going on?  And of course I'll have to wait a week or more for a response.   

I was an early customer of Wyze, and frankly don’t care for the way they shove new products out the doors, while existing products still have issues. I feel that customer satisfaction and support suffer greatly due to Wyze’s Get it out the door, and make it work later business model. I really hope I’m wrong, but I am anticipating that when/if I receive the watch order that I placed back in December, that there will be issues with it.

I thought I would give them a second chance with the Wyze Watch, but that’s looking like another lame duck with each successive setback/delay.

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I too ordered the watch in December and have been given only a few updates AS those dates passed. If they do no deliver in early April as they stated in their last update, I will have to cancel. I’m happy when they fix issues that impact the quality of the product. But they have got to do a better job about accurately forecasting a committed outcome of delivery.

I just got a notice last nite that my watch has been shipped!! Looks like the wait may be over.

I ordered mine on Dec 1st.

Mine came today. I ordered mine on Dec 1st as well

I ordered on December 1 and still haven’t received any notice as to when mine will be here. They honestly need to do better about communication.

Works great so far!

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Mine’s been pending pick up for about a week now. They haven’t even shipped it. The lack of communication is really troublesome.

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