Anybody Getting the Wyze Watch promised in February

Pre-ordered two watches on December 1st - promised shipping in February - now April 8 and nothing. Anybody getting these promised products actually delivered>

I have seen multiple posts about people receiving it.
Did you order at the start or the end of preorder? Orders at the start are being shipped first.
Did you receive a tracking email from Wyze with more shipment information?

Shipping information sent out today for the watches.

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Ordered on December 1 - heard nothing since then - no shipment - no tracking

Ordered one 44 and one 47 on December 1 and got payment confirmation immediately. Have receved nothing. Early April - it is now April 8 - what is early?

The 44 watch hasn’t started shipping yet. Hopefully as it states in the info, they will start shipping next week.

Have you logged into your account on the site to see if there is any shipping information for your 47 watch order? If you didn’t order a Wyze strap with your watch, you should be receiving it soon.

If you would like to call customer support and ask about your order here is the phone number.

  • Wyze Customer Support 1 (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT
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Both watches were ordered with the standard band - and promised shipping in February - it is now April and no email updates - just crickets

I could understand if there was a delay for unforseen circumstances but then communicate that. 6+ weeks is really late.

I got mine a few weeks ago.

My Version 1 still works !

No idea why I needed two, right now.

V1 is getting a little, mystery “Stop Watch ?” , buggy.

I 've forgotten that feature was even in there.
Never had a use for it either.

That’s a Strange choice for a bug ?

signup for the newsletter, Wyze has sent several shipping updates/emails for the watch & other pre-order products.


For me, those newsletter Updates kept pushing the ship dates back.

Then out of the Blue comes an “Item has been shipped” , email.

Most time, I have to go back to see which one.
Then manually track it, along with Wyze.

This happened with 2 of my V3 cams, the scale, Home Monitoring and the Watch, too !

After the first V3 cam (Dec 2020) was lost by the Post office.
Now I am super paranoid, about all shipped items.I

Usually my wyze cam, proves it was properly delivered.

But that bad upgrade / update for V3’s n not V2’s disabled my cam on that delivery day. What are the odds ?

It was so bad on my V2, I had to download correction software to a blank sd card, to fix the problem.

That was a 1st for my 5-6 yr wyze cam experience.

I just received a shipping notice for my Wyze Watch 44 this morning. So it looks like those are starting to ship too. For reference, I ordered mine the very day it was announced.

info here about the original delay on the watch. (there are other posts, and this is just a copy of the weekly shipping update emails, so definitely subscribe to those if you haven’t)

We take the quality of our devices very seriously at Wyze and we do tests during multiple stages of our manufacturing to ensure that our products meet our high bar of quality despite their affordable prices.
Through our most recent tests, we’ve identified a weak point in the casing of our initial shipments of Wyze Watch. We have sent the affected devices back to our manufacturer and we will need some time to make adjustments to ensure that these products hold up well to the hustle and bustle of your daily life.
We’ve already restarted manufacturing devices with reinforced casing, and we believe that we will be able to start shipping these reinforced devices out in March or early April. We really appreciate your patience and we’re so sorry to have to push the date out.

Ordered two watches as preorder when first advertised. All I have received
is a response to my question was the old post about
shipping in February. Really sad that this has been such a failure for a company I had purchased six cameras, a scale, and a vacuum from.
Just wish they would tell the watches are not coming and here’s your money back.

Already rec’d and returned, nothing but junk! Do yourself a favor and cancel order while you can.