Wyze Watch Delays

I pre-ordered both the 44mm and 47mm Wyze watches when they were first announced. I am still waiting for the watches. There have been many postings of watches being received, yet I still wait. To make matters worst and frustrating to the point that I am ready to cancel, I read this weekend where watches (47mm) are immediately available for pickup or shipping at Micro Center stores across the country. I checked the store nearest to me (Yonkers, NY) and it list an inventory of 25 available. Anyone else as frustrated as I am and considering or have already cancelled their orders?

I think orders that contain both 47 and 44 are waiting on the 44 to be ready to ship

I appreciate your comment and suspected as much because of the 44mm status. That still doesn’t make me feel any better having waited now into a 5th month waiting and Wyze immediately charged my card as soon as I placed my order. All other online merchandisers I order from don’t charge my cards until the merchandise purchased is ready to be shipped. I just think Wyze went into a commerce overload in 2020/21 and couldn’t maintain the integrity of its mission. But then again, I’m only a solo voice in the wilderness.

I do completely understand that, I would feel the same way and have expressed that to them. It completely sucks to order something wait months to get it and see it in the store before you have it.

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Any update on when the watch 44 will be available again?