Has the 44mm Watch Been Abandoned?

Well? Has it?

  • Not available for purchase, no mention of it on the wyze site
  • Last firmware was on 5/3, 47 has received at least 2 updates since

I like the size, lacked some key features out of the gate but has potential.

Wyze hasn’t said anything about it going away. The preorders ended so it isn’t currently available for purchase.

The watch will be available when it launches again, but nothing has been announced yet.

TBH, I wouldn’t be surprised though. The 44 wasn’t nearly as well received on launch as the 47 and there seems to have been more quality control issues with it. For a company Wyze’s size, it doesn’t make sense to permanently maintain that branch when the dev resources could be better spent improving the 47 which has greater disruptive potential and a better starting reception.

I think there was a lot of interest in the form factor, but they need to relaunch with a device that’s basically identical to the 47, just in the 44 form factor.


Sorry for the late reply, I only check the forums when I’m trying to find info. I have a Wyze 47 and my wife likes the features but would prefer a smaller size. It is odd to me that the Wyze 44 is not listed at all in the shop but the Wyze car is still in there, even though you can’t buy it. I wish Wyze would at least tell us the status of the 44 so we can move on if needed.


Sure looks that way to me… it’s almost as if it never existed. Even the long done Wyze sense V1 kit is still sitting there on the shop page, but the 44 is nowhere to be found.

Good call. Never made the connection before.
My 44 is just starting to fail with software bugs and the continued random misses of notifications.
I keep going back and forth to my Pebble and just wanna know if I should finally ditch them and go for something else.

There has been a recent firmware update for the 44, so it’s not like Wyze has completely abandoned it, but the complete absence of it showing anywhere on their page and shop does make one wonder if it’s been discontinued.
I broke out my 44 to update the firmware and test it out. Good to see that notifications now wake the screen, and I’ve found the sleep tracking on the 44 (and Wyze Band) is far superior than my 47. The 47 stops tracking your sleep if you get up for a quick bathroom break, and never resumes when you go back to bed, even if you sleep for another 3 hours or so, which is my typical case… so the 47’s sleep tracking is pretty useless. The 44 last time I used it didn’t seem to have that problem at all.
The problem I found with the 44 is that the vibration for notifications is too weak. Unless I’m sitting still, I generally can barely feel it which was why I decided to get the 47 that does have a stronger vibration. Wish they’d fix the sleep tracking on it though as I I found it interesting to keep track of.
Battery life in both is amazing if you turn off raise to wake and continuous heart rate monitoring. I get almost 2 weeks on a charge!

In forum threads I asked two Wyze folks a couple of questions about issues I had with the 44 but never received any responses. There haven’t been any updates or announcements.

However, I did a search on the website for the 44 and came up with this:

If the watches in the middle are supposed to be representative of the 44, I guess that confirms they are out of stock but still a part of the Wyze catalog. But then again these watches also don’t mention “44” and the photo shows the face of a 47 and not a 44. So, I guess you have to draw your own conclusions.

My original 44 developed the battery terminal problem. I had my replacement for a month and the same problem started happening. On top of that, I couldn’t update the watch’s firmware. Tried several times to no avail. While I liked the smaller size of the 44, I felt that the early promotions misrepresented it. I expected the same user interface as the 47, the same watch faces and so on. While similar, it’s still not the same.

Bottom line, I abandoned my 44. I just wasn’t willing to go through support again to get another replacement that could likely have problems again. What a disappointment.

I did order a 47 and so far, I love it!

Aside from the sleep tracking, I also really like the 47. The case isn’t all that much larger, but the usable screen area definitely is! Vibration is also more pronounced, making it a good and extremely affordable wearable for quickly checking phone app notifications without always having to check your phone… pretty much the main reason I have these.
Huh, I didn’t have any trouble updating the 44’s recent update, and so far it’s working well enough, but I’ll switch back to the 47 after a couple days most likely.

Not sure what was going on with my attempt at updating the firmware. Made sure the phone app was up to date, rebooted the phone. I inquired with the Wyze team member who posted news of the update as to other ideas I could try to make it work but didn’t get a response. Others had this problem, too.

I just put the watch away and perhaps I’ll pull it out down the road and see if it updates then. Doubt I’ll go back to using it, though.

My update was w a Samsung Galaxy phone, so Android. Went normally…
I’ll also switch back to the 47, but curious to see if the the 44’s sleep tracking still works better at ignoring getting up and going back to sleep.
At the price, I’ve no regrets either way.