Wyze Watch 47 First Generation - No Support

I gave up my Apple Watch, sold it on eBay and went back to my Wyze Watch 47 after 2 years due to short battery life, not even using 1/4 the features (time, steps, messages), etc.

I was a bit underwhelm with the Watch 47 after coming back that it is pretty much the same as when it first came out. No updated firmware, not even new watch faces.

With the Apple Watch at least I can add battery level and steps.

Overall the Wyze watch is a great device but like all hardware, you need good software.

Wyze, need to wise up and keep the support.


I’m fairly disappointed in Wyze’s attention they’ve paid to this and a few other products. I love Wyze, don’t get me wrong, but I hate how they release a product, promote the heck out of it, and then ghost us on it. Id love some new features for my Wyze Watch. The build number for the firmware never even made it to 1.0. The only reason my wife keeps buying new Fitbits is they have features she wants and Wyze doesn’t despite my Watch last 2-3x longer than her Fitbit. If you’re going to abandon it, at least open source it. Find a way to open source the software and allow updates through existing channels. They could likely squeeze some more sales out of a product they aren’t investing in anyway.


It would also help if Wyze actually gets involved in the forums/community platform they set up.

That’s one of my frustrations, as well. I understand that concentrating effort on fixing products that are already out there doesn’t translate to sales and income in the same way as bombarding the market with new gadgets, but I think it would generate more good will with the existing customer/user base, and I’m sure there’s some tangible benefit to that.

That’s another thing that makes me scratch my head. I understand that different developers have different versioning systems, but a “0.” version on its face strikes me as “alpha” and not suitable for general release. I know that might not actually be the case with this product (which actually does a lot of what I want it to do), but at least releasing with a “1.-something” firmware version would tend to inspire customer confidence, I’d think.