Updates for 47C?

Today I am writing to ask a serious question. So, I have a Watch 47 Color edition that is coming up on 2 years old. I have seen lack of updates for this product since a while back, the last update being dated in 2021, and I want to know why there are no more updates. A product that is still on sale for nearly $35 and that people can still buy should not be using software innovations from 2021. I know that Wyze is a way smaller company then giants like Apple, but for something that is advertised as their top-of-the-line watch, they should care enough to still be innovating. Wyze has clearly started to shift a little bit from lifestyle to smart home, but it’s weird to me that they still sell something that is basically unsupported in terms of new features. This likely won’t push me off of my Wyze Watch, as I am fairly loyal to the company, but if there is a reason for the lack of updates, I would like to know.

Sam S.


Is there a place to make product feature requests?
I would like the side button to override the “Raise to Wake” feature, especially during the “Do Not Disturb” period.
I would like to be able keep the display illuminated by a double-press of the side button.

Is there a place for such requests? Will they matter?

I know about wishlist, and this likely belongs there, but since I cannot yet put the suggestion there, and it dovetails with FW updates… How about a blood glucose measurement as well for watch 44 & 47?

I agree, there should be updates to both watches. I have the 47 and think it’s great. While I’d love having a blood pressure or ekg app added, just normal updates like more watch faces and improvements/enhancements to the watches like connectivity for the phone and messages, bluetooth, etc. As was mentioned, you are still selling the watches, so please take care of your customers. I’ve had mine for at least 2 years, love it, and would like to continue using it, but it needs upgrades.