Wyze Watch - Display timeout options (Always on, user configurable timeout, etc.)

Please let me see the time/clock always, no arm jerk required. Is this because of the fancy color and battery life? Black and white LCD screen please.

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This would definitely decrease the battery life to (I would guess) around a day. I’m sure Wyze will try to improve the raise to wake feature on both watches.

You should create a separate #wishlist item for a black and white LCD watch.

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Just an always on feature would be great
Having it as an option in settings
If battery life is the issue - then disable the feature
As long as the battery can last a day - that’s acceptable
Maybe dim the brightness when wrist not raised


I sure like the idea of always on. I also would like the ability to specify how long the watch stays on when there is an arm lift. Lots of times now, when I raise my arm and then swing the watch around my wrist, then dig it out from beneath my shirt cuff, the display goes off…


Here’s a request for a more-granular “always-on” function. Before the latest firmware update, the timer function was always-on when a timer was running. This was changed to add screen blanking after 5 or so seconds, which makes the timer much less useful for my purposes. I’d like to have the previous timer behavior available as a settings option.


Instead of lift to wake algorithms an always on option for the watchface.


I am happy to see that on latest update, we finally got feature for wake on screen after receiving notification.
I also want to the watch has ALWAYS ON feature, I don’t really care the battery life short for few days.
Also, I wish Wyze watch has quick access apps feature, suck as, in main screen, swipe screen from left to right, it can show most often app that we use, such as, weather or alarm

Thanks Wyze team



A dimmed out but always on watch face would be nice. Also, a larger font for both time date and weather all on one screen?
Integration with Wyze scale and cameras would be a plus.


This is a good feature to have, it can be given as a toggle which user can enable/disable with the notification that this might reduce the battery life and may need daily charging.
If this feature is in development do we have a release date?

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Wyze hasn’t said if it’s in development or not so no date yet.

Agreed! I will take lesser battery life in exchange for an AOD option.

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AS digital watches get more popular so does the need to have the time displayed. When using a watch at and for work it is annoying to have to flick your wrist to see time. So always on display is an ever increasing feature to attract users as the watch is mostly a time displayer not only a notification device. Why do so many people still use the casio and timex as it shows the time.

I also would like to have the time the display is on to be adjustable.

Wyze Watch able to set how long watch stays lit for with raise to wake

I like my watch a lot and often wear it when I ski Patrol
One thing I would really appreciate is a way to set how long the face stays lit after raise to wake
If I need to take someones pulse it doesnt stay on long enough

Thanks !

the wife just asked the same, by the time it is in focus, the display goes off… she requests if it could B at least 10 seconds

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Always on watch display

Is there a possibility of adding “always on” for the watch face to the Wyze watch so it always shows time and date?

It has great battery life so it would be nice to just have it it always on to check the time and notifications rather than having to raise my wrist to wake it up.

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Additional wake time on the wyze watch

I am hoping for a setting so I can adjust how long the watch is awake. The time the watch is awake is very short and makes it very difficult to time anything. For instance, it’s very difficult for a medical employee to time when testing for pulse/heart rate.