Wyze watch 44 screen wake on notifications

Allow the screen to turn on when a notification is received. While sitting at the computer this would be much handier to glance at wrist rather than have to move your arm to raise to wake.

Mod edit added watch 44 to title

Are you referring to the watch 44?

Agreed, I’m surprised this isn’t the default behavior. Using the 44.

reeeeallly weird how the Wyze Band does this, but the Wyze Watch doesn’t. Makes ya think!

The 47 lights up when a notification is received, but the 44 doesn’t.

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Please add this feature. I greatly miss it from previous budget smart watches.

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I agree, please add this feature, Thank you

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Thanks for your votes on this improvement, everyone! We’re working on changing the Wyze Watch 44 behavior to automatically wake the screen when a notification is received. Since this is now in development, I’ve moved this thread to the roadmap. :slight_smile:


What about the 47mm ?!

Are you also the contact for improving the 47 watchfaces? There seems to be a ton of requests in the community for better watchfaces for the 47. I was an EARLY advanced order and was anxious to receive mine, but I can’t wear it using the faces provided.