Wyze 44 help

Hi there,

Got my first Wyze watch yesterday. I got the 44. Not much of a user guide so I have some questions for you.

  1. What is the - button on the screen when you swipe up and what does it do?

  2. You can’t touch the screen to wake the watch? You can only wake by the home button on the right or by using the rise to wake feature?

  3. I see you can get to the same shortcuts on your app. However, no way to see your cameras or home monitoring system from the watch?

That’s all I can think of now. Appreciate the help!

Is there anything in specific you are looking for?

Which button are you referring to? My 47 has 4 button or tap area’s:

  • battery %
  • Brightness (Sun)
  • Notification (Bell)
  • find my phone (phone))

This is true. the button is the only thing you can use at this time. Not sure if it will change

True, no camera’s. only shortcuts

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Thanks for your response. On the 44 there are 4 buttons when you swipe up. The first is a -, the second is for screen brightness, the third is for find my phone and the fourth is for settings. I just can’t figure out what the - buttton does.

I hope they fix to where you can touch the screen to wake the watchn.

Seems crazy to me that you can’t see your cameras or have access to the home monitoring settings through the watch. You would think with it all being Wyze, it would all work together.

One other question, do you know how far the watch can be from the phone before it disconnects from the phone?

Thanks for your help!

Interesting. I don’t have a dash as a menu. Can you post a screen shot.

@R.Good @carverofchoice , either of you know about this menu option on the 44?

It’s do not disturb.


OH…I would have never guess that based on the symbol! Thank you @towelkindgom A more complete user guide would be so very helpful.


On the 47 it actually shows a Bell and when you turn on DND, it highlights the Bell and puts a line through it